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What Dungeon/Temple Could You Or Couldn't You Get Yourself Through If You Were Link?

Master Kokiri 9

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Aug 19, 2009
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Let's see...

Temples I'd Make It Through

Ice Dungeons

I grew up around snow and cold. I'm not exactly an Eskimo, but I'm very tolerant of Cold. Places like the Ice Palace, Snowhead, and the Snow Temple wouldn't bother me, in fact I'd actually enjoy myself.

Dungeons of the Undead

While the smell of rotting flesh and the sights of death would be bothersome, I wouldn't be particularly stalled by Dungeons of the Undead. After all, I've seen Poltergeist and thought that it was too unscary, and from what I can gather a lot of people find that extremely scary. Not to mention, I know exactly how to deal with the Undead: flame them. Basically speaking, flames make rotting flesh and bones disentegrate. The disintegration of rotting flesh and bones means no undead monsters to kill the old fashioned way with Silver Arrows and healing items and all that jazz.

Forest Dungeons

While the bugs would be bothersome, I'd tolerate Forest Dungeons pretty well. After all, I kill spiders almost as big as Gohma Larva on a daily basis, so what's to worry about from all the Skultula and Gohmas out there?

Jabu Jabu's Belly

Most people would be grossed out by the concept and list in the "Can't Go On" list, but not me. I for one find biology and stuff like that really interesting and cool, and reading about it is cool enough, but seeing it first hand really would be pretty cool if you ask me.

Dungeons I Can't Go on In

Water Dungeons

I'd be mentally capable of going through the OoT version having some pretty good patience and some good exploring, but I'd be physically incapable of going through Water Dungeons. Period. I can swim, but I can't swim for very long at all and I'd be too slowed down from getting out of the water in order to fight, so once a monster comes around, be it a Desbreko or a Blue Tektite or even an Octorock, I'd be too slowed down in order to fight and thus be in major trouble.​

Fire Dungeons

I'd be very incapable of tolerating the heat. Granted I've seen some pretty intense heat before, after all I've lived through a 90 degree day (extremely rare "alignment of the planets" type heat for my region) but in a volcano, I'd be unable to do anything. It'd sap away every ounce of my energy and thus possibly land me in a pit of lava or something like that.​

Desert Dungeons

It's not the sand that would get to me, but the heat. Same scenario as the Fire Dungeons, but minus the lava pits.​

Sky Dungeons

If it weren't for the air being so thin in the Sky, I would have absolutely no problem with Sky Dungeons. I'm usually very agile (three years of Gymnastics, FOR THE WIN!) and don't lose my footing very easily, but the air is what would render me a dead Hero. After all, I don't live in the mountains (duh, I have internet) so I'm not used to the air being thin.​
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May 28, 2010
The dungeons I would be happy to visit:
City in the Sky (TP): It would be awesome to go there, it would be like finding another civilization, eventhough I'm acrophobic (fear of heights) to go there would be like a dream.
Tower of the Gods (TWW): One of my favorite dungeons, everything there seems so epic and mystic.
Snowpeak Ruins (TP)
: Seems like a good place to live, especially if you are a yeti couple xD
Lakebead Temple (TP): It's like an undersea palace!
Spirit Temple (OoT): My favorite one in the OoT, you have to think more to get through this one, and I really liked that.
Hyrule Castle (ALttP): The easiest dungeon in my opinion.
Stone Tower (MM): Turning the tower upside down and watching the night under your feet would be pretty awesome.
The Manji (LoZ): I like the shape of the dungeon (IT'S A MANJI NOT A SWASTIKA!!!)
Unicorn Fountain (OoT): Not really sure if it is a dungeon but it seemed to have a great treasure in it, it also holds many mysteries I'd like to solve.

Not my favorite ones, but i would stay go:

Jabu-Jabu Belly (OoT): An interesting journey inside a fish.
Dodongo's Cavern (OoT): I would like to see the big Dodongo skelleton thats there.
Shadow Temple (OoT):
I like creepy stuff :)
Wind and Earth Temples (TWW): My favorite dungeons in the cell-shaded games.
Arbiters Ground (TP): I like creepy stuff, and Stallord is the coolest boss in the series.

Not even for a million Rupies:
The Skull (LoZ): I get lost in the supermarket, now imagine in this dungeon! the hardest in the series without a doubt.
Inside the Great Deku Tree (OoT): Many of you will laugh because of this one, but there's a reason I HATE bugs and spiders!!! When I see one I run, I consider Skulltulas the creepiest enemies in the series.
Skulltula House (MM): I'd rather kill myself before entering one of these!
Bottom of the Well (OoT): Invisible things without the Lens of Truth? I hate those kind of surprises

I would go to every other dungeon I did not mention


Do the thing
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Jan 9, 2008
Probably somewhere
After some of the stuff Link has to go through, I don't know if I'd truly be afraid to go through a dungeon. Currently though, I wouldn't be able to do the following:

Shadow Temple - Ocarina of Time: I dunno. Something about not being able to see what's coming without looking through a magnifying glass doesn't sit well with me. I would be terrified of being stabbed by something I couldn't see, or having my head chopped off by a rotating scythe blade. Not exactly my cup of tea.

Stone Tower - Majora's Mask: Climbing there itself would be scary enough, but falling into the sky? Granted, having the ability to flip gravity in that single area would be pretty cool, but one wrong step and falling into the sky would be a fate worse than death I'm sure. Never being able to come back down just would not be something I'd want to worry about.

I think that's about it. Nothing else that I don't think I could get over. Going inside a fish might be a little uncomfortable, but after seeing that there wasn't any stomach acid I think I'd be okay. I wouldn't have a problem staying underwater if I could breath there, same with fire if I could take the heat. I'm not really afraid of heights, so the sky dungeons wouldn't get to me either.


Gone (Wind) Fishin'
Jul 16, 2010
Montreal, QC, Canada
The dungeon I wouldn't be able to survive would certainly be the "Beneath the Well" mini-dungeon. Not only is it rather putrescent, but it's also filled with Like-Likes. For those of you that don't know, I am absolutely mortified by Like-Likes and generally any gelatinous blob that tries to inhale me. I'd probably also have issues with the Redeads and Wallmasters, of course, for the typical reasons.


Excelling in Mediocrity
Apr 16, 2010
In A Margarita
Places I could handle:

Water Temples: I love swimming, and being able to breathe underwater would be AMAZING! I would kill all the enemies and swim around for hours on end, and as long as I have Faeore's Wind I'd be fine with the puzzles.

Ice Temples: Come on, who wouldn't enjoy throwing a snowball at some really intense looking enemy?

Sky Temples: If I was Link, I would just respawn if I fell from a high place, so what's the problem?

Places I would run from:

Shadow Temples: Zombies, walking hands and guillotines??? Ill pass.

Forest Temples: Holy Crap, look at that spider!!!!

The rest are maybes, and if i had any problems I would just snipe them with my bow (I actually do archery in real life)
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Zelda Fan Girl
Jun 13, 2010
SkyView Temple
1 Shadow Temple The whole place is creepy not to mention the blood on the walls and creepy Floor Masters.

2 Bottom of the Well The Like Like and dead hand are the most chilling enemies to me so its a no go area for me.

3 Fire Temples I would be to scared of being burnt alive and the heat would get to me.

4 Forest Temple Twilight Princess I have a big Phobia of Spiders so i'd quit.

5 Water Temples OOT and MM these are so confusing i would probably give up.
Sep 7, 2010
mine would definatly be the shadow temple in OoT i mean its kinda scary, i can deal with scary things
but if i had to be in there for a long ammount of time ehhhh no not my thing
not to mention the wallmasters and the deadhands
i'd run out screaming and give the master sword to the kid in the graveyard when your a kid
i mean he hangs out in the gravyard all day hes not scared of that stuff lol

and i will have to agree with the lord jabubu's belly thing
i mean i would not go inside of a fish to save a princess
the father should have known better than to let her run off like that
yes i know ruto has gone in there many times before but come on
that would be like if i was a giant and someone were to go inside of me
not cool with that. i dont need to see the insides of a fish ick

really i think any other temple from the games i have played so far im good with
just those 2.
BUT as much as i hate these temples i love fighting their bosses (bongo bongo and barinade)


Jan 31, 2010
a place of settlement, activity, or residence.
I'm actually pretty confident that I could get through the Deku Tree myself, if my life depended on it or something. It would be creepy, and I'd have nightmares about giant spiders, but I'd manage.

I think I would be okay in Dodongo's Cavern, as long as I didn't fall into the lava or get caught in a bomb explosion. If I were careful, and had a little sword training... sure, I could do it.

I probably couldn't do Jabu-Jabu's Belly, because I wouldn't want to get sucked into a giant fish.

To be honest... with some serious weapon/combat training, I might be able to handle all of the temples except for the Shadow Temple, which would creep me out too much.

The only thing stopping me from doing Jabu-Jabu's Belly and the Shadow Temple is my own squeamishness, though. If I could somehow overcome my fears, and became very skilled at combat and identifying weaknesses... I could probably beat the game.

Thinking about it this way, I suddenly understand why Link holds the Triforce of Courage, and why he might need it. Physically speaking, anyone could learn to do Link's sword moves and use his equipment. In Hyrule, they could feasibly learn the same magical abilities. The real barrier would be having the courage to face all those trials and disgusting enemies.

So physically, I could do it with the right training. Psychologically, I'm not certain whether I could do it.


I am a Person of Interest
Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
Not Going in there

Jabu-Jabu's belly from both OoT and OoA, mainly because I don't like being eaten :P

Palace of Ice, Ice Cavern, Snowhead Temple, Snowpeak Ruins, Temple of Ice, Snow Temple (basically any ice/snow-themed dungeon) - I don't like the cold

Palace of Darkness, Shadow Temple, Beneath the Well, Earth Temple, Twilight Palace - I'm okay with playing them on a screen, I'm not scared, but I'd be scared to death if I did this in real life.

Would like to go in there

Water-themed dungeon, only if the water is heated :D

Sky dungeons - who wouldn't like to live in a floating city (other than if you have vertigo, which I don't)
Jan 28, 2010
I couldn't jump 100 feet down onto a spider web to break it so i could fall even further and then battle an enormous spider. HELL NO!! I'm trying to think of any dungeons I could actually go through without crapping my pants and I can't think of any.

Maybe Jabus Belly because if I fell it would be squishy, and most of the enemies including the boss aren't that scary looking. I might have a problem with the electricity though. Getting electrocuted scares the crap out of me.


Oct 4, 2010
I would love to go to the Palace of Twilight! I know I would run screaming away from Zant Hands, but I would love it!


The Dutch Kusagari
Oct 17, 2007
The Netherlands
Temples I would visit

I would visit every forest themed dungeon, because as a biologist I love plants, insects and spiders. I would bring a large bottle of ethanol to kill all the insects and put them in bottles for further research, so finished the temple will take a while. Since I love swimming, water themed dungeons would be perfect. But as Phantom Triforce said, the water has to be heated. Just imagine the water temple in OoT with normal tap water temperature, nobody will survive a long swim in there D:. I will probably get lost though, so finished the temple will also take a long while ;). I count Jabu Jabu's belly as a water dungeon, since it floats on the water. It would be awesome to see the inside of an animal while it is still alive. The last dungeons on my list are the OoT Spirit Temple and TP Temple of Time. They are just save rock with some traps, but not a real 'no go factor'.

Temples I don't want to visit

I don't have a fear of heights, but I don't want to fall of a floating cloud or building. Therefore Sky temples area no go area. I especially don't want to go to the City in the Sky, because next to a certain death if you fall there is also that horrible music. Those singing Ooccoo would drive me insane >.<
I don't think I can survive an Undead themed dungeon. I would be so afraid of the scary music and the overall undead atmosphere hanging around...I would immediately turn around and run away. Ice themed dungeons are also horrible. I hate cold weather, I hate snow, I hate ice. I'm used to a moderate climate, so a temple with ice and snow is absolutely a no go area.
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Apr 14, 2010
Trapped in a ring of Benzene
Lets see, there are just a few that I couldn't get through.

I would never even enter!
The only one really on this list is
Skull Woods(ALttP)-This has become my least favorite dungeon in the entire zelda series. I have even figured out a way to skip over a great portion of the dungeon. I hate Skull Woods so much that I alter my path throug A Link to the Past to where I do this dungeon as the 6th dungeon in the dark world insted of 3rd.

Temples that I would love to enter!
City in the Sky(TP)-Get past the crap music this would be a fun dungeon overall. I would not have a worry about the lack of oxygen because I live at a high elevation so I am use to less air.

Ice Palace(ALttP)-I have always loved this dungeon. It has a great puzzle and I love the boss of this palace. I would also love this dungeon because I live in a place where the tempature has gotten as low as -42F. I love the cold and the snow as long as it is not baseball season.

Ice Cavern(OoT)-The use of blue fire was a great concept in this mini-dungeon. The other reason is the same as for the Ice Palace.

Snowpoint Temple(TP)-This was challenging but I really got annoyed at finding objects and constantly not finding the boss key. I loved the Ball and Chain and wished it got more use. The boss was also really fun. I also like the snow and ice theme of this dungeon.

Spirit Temple(OoT)-I like the concept of having to do the first half of the dungeon as a kid that the second half as an adult. TwinRova was probably my favorite boss in OoT. I also love the desert theme since where I live is also classified as a high elevation desert.

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