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What DON'T You Want in Zelda Wii?

Feb 3, 2010

They can do that with the DS games. Anyway, while looking at the poster of Zelda Wii, it looks pretty mature.

while looking at the wind waker spaceworld demo it didnt look cel-shaded :P

but dont get me wrong wind waker is one of my favourite games of all time and the graphics actually enhanced the mood, killing the atmospher by making this game casual and not serious will NOT enhance anything


One thing I really Do not want back is the Poe Soul collecting. That was a pain...


Defidently not first person gameplay, that would kill it.

Also im new so im just seeing if these work :eek:carina: :awesome: :triforce: :mastersword: :link:


let´s see umm:

the only thing that i do not want in this game is that it is comaped to OOT. the whole OOt is just playing boring, its old, let new things come in the way. I am fed up with veeterans fans comparing every game to their OOT. i am sure it was an awesome game back in the day. The OoT fans DONT KNOW WHAT THEY WANT. they complain that Wind waker ( which i liekd it mroe than OOT) does not have any similarities to it and that it sucked, when they got Twilight Princess they went off about how much Nintendo tried to make it look like Ocarina of Time. still they didnt like it. so this new game Needs to be new, no OOT, No TP, No WW no MM, brand new so that fans would stop being *****y about it. if you miss your precious OOT then sell your Wii, your TP and WW and get a Nintendo 64 and play it till you get bored with it. but this game seriusly better not be compared to Oot


I do not want to see a repetitive center dungeon with a very limited over-world, like found in PH and ST. I do not want super-easy bosses, like in TP. I do not want a sword which is a blatant copy of the master sword, life the Phantom sword, Lokomo sword. I do not want the dull colors of TP.


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