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What DON'T You Want in Zelda Wii?


Feb 24, 2010
I see many threads asking for things tor return to the series, but what don't you want to return? Is there any part of the Zelda series that you think has been going on for too long? Or was something introduced in some of the later games that you prefer not to see again? I'll start.

I don't want to see:
Wolf Link. More specifically, I don't want to see Wolf Link only sequences. Finding the Tears of Light in TP was beyond tedious.

Cel-shaded graphics. I know that TP returned to a more realistic style, but the DS games have kept it alive. I want it to stay there.

The Postman. He was funny in MM. He wasn't in TP. If he returns, they need to dial him down a bit.

Monkeys. I don't know, I never liked the monkeys. I feel like it's an insult to Link's intelligence that he needs to be assisted by them.

Ganondorf. They need to change it up a bit. I personally would love to see Vaati in a 3D title.

A game without Adult Link. I'm fine with having Young Link at the beginning of a game. I just don't want to use him the whole time.

Tetkites. I despise tetkites.
Feb 3, 2010
cell-shaded graphics: loved them in the wind waker but dont wanna see them for this game

everything to go well: can you please kill a good character and actually make me care, or near the end i have to get the feeling as though "the world is doomed if link fails"

a godforsaken tranport method that takes away 90% of exploration and freedom (if it is im not buying the game)


the game to be short


Grand Campaigner
Aug 9, 2009

Cel shaded graphics
Yet another jump in technology (if we go too far, It'll be fricken metroid!)
A much better overworld than ST
better sword sequences than Red Steel 2; I heard that it was in small, scheduled bits.
Proportions like Toon Link; he had feet like pins and a head like a planet
the Master Sword: It is awesome, but I wanna change things up.
Like Dragmire said, a transportation system that automatically makes things too easy. TAKE A JOG AND SUCK IT UP, LINK!!!


Mrs. Austin
Dec 6, 2009
An empty overworld. I don't want something huge and beautiful...but with absolutely nothing to do, like in TP, where the only things of any interest in the overworld, besides the hordes of monsters that loved to irritate me, were the bugs, poes, and caves.

Ganondorf or Ganondorf wannabes like Malladus. I want a fresh new enemy with personality. WW Ganondorf was an exception, I was ok with that Ganondorf.

Forced transformations for extended periods. I'm talking about the tears of light of course. Thing is, I didn't hate the tears of light themselves, it was actually somewhat enjoyable, I just hated that I couldn't transform back to human again until I finished.


The epic turnip king
Feb 22, 2010
In a platypus
A sidekick.I want the game to be non-linear.

The hookshot.Don't get me wrong,it's amazing,but imagine the other items that haven't been put in a game yet.

Bubbles.Annoying as Navi.

The ocarina.New instrument is needed,maybe chimes.


Jan 31, 2010
a place of settlement, activity, or residence.
Let me think...

1. 5-piece Heart Containers.
2. Extremely small starter wallet.
3. Link's girlfriend.
4. Multiple power gloves.
5. Timed puzzles in dungeons (mini-games are fine).
6. Rooms with NO solid/still platforms.
7. Slingshot.
8. Lamp.
9. Hover Boots.
10. Horse-based transportation
11. Fewer than 8 dungeons.
12. Faceless characters with no backstory.
13. NPCs that you can't interact with.
14. An overly melancholy atmosphere.
Dec 11, 2009
Right now the only things I can think of that I don't want in Zelda Wii are a mode of transportation and obvious clues to the next dungeon. I really loved the boats, train, and Epona, but I'd rather have a huge area to explore by foot, like the classic Zeldas. Also, I want to search for the next dungeon clueless, like LoZ.


Feb 24, 2010
Yeah, an overabundance of hints was something I forgot to add. I've been playing PH and not only are most secrets blatantly revealed to you, the NPCs will actually shout them out at you, no talking required. That must be removed.


Master of Monkeys
Mar 25, 2010
The thing that I absolutely don't want at all in Zelda Wii is... being WAY too easy. If they make Zelda Wii too easy, I am seriously going to throw my Wii out the window.


Former Hylian Knight
Jun 8, 2009
Hmm good question, one thing I know I never want to see again is another tears of light quest like in TP. That has got to be one of the most unoriginal parts of the game and it forced us to explore an entire area in a matter of minutes rather than let us (the player) take our time in exploring these places, making the first run through of the game a truly grand experience, because we got to take our time and discover new things Slowly instead of powering through the first three regions.

Something else I don't want to see anymore is the Boss with only one weakness or separate stages. I would like the bosses or at least one boss to be weak to a few attacks, not just one specific Item. But that boss would have some immunities.

And that's it, I don't have to much against Zelda. They always seem to do an outstanding job with each game so I'm sure I'll be happy even if the tears of light come back... actually i take that back the tears of light are horrible..
well... i definately dont want to have tedious quest's. I like the heart pieces, just not those stupid golden bugs, theres 30 i think. Im not the type of person to play hours just to find them all. I'de just use a walkthrough, even then, i still didnt want to do it. They need to make all the collectibles, well, since youll be collecting them alot, FUN TO COLLECT, not aimlessly just walking around hopeing youll stumple upon them, and the reward being a stupid wallet upgrade!!!! Wind waker heart pieces were awesome to find. Make wind waker quest's NINTENDO!!!


~Dancer in the Dark~
Jan 30, 2010
I definately don't want really pointless and annoying sidequests that I just don't want to waste time on. Like the bunnies in ST, who wants to waste like 45 minutes to catch a stupid bunny?!

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