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What do you want to be when you grow older?


Boy in Green

I will become a game disigner. and make the best games EVER!!!


I'd very much like to own a tea house. I'd have a stage for bands to perform, walls of books, and I'd boast the widest variety of tea I possibly could, medicinal and delicious alike. I'd perhaps also have an upper floor with either cats to be petted or a yoga studio. It's all a bit vague in my mind at this point, only modestly forming. I'd like people to be able to have a bit of a sanctuary to relax in -- I wouldn't want to be the sort of place to rush people in and out for revenue. I'd stay open into wee hours if a customer needed the time, too. I think it would be lovely.
Though I’m just in eighth grade, I am currently thinking about being a paleontologist—someone who finds and studies fossils, a graphics designer, or a cartoonist. These seem to work for me because if I decide on either a computer artist or cartoon artist, I can easily go to the Columbus School of Art and Design. Whereas with the fossil business; I have been finding fossils since second grade. I should upload some pictures of them, that’d be kind of neat, right? I know I’m starting to drift from the topic, but I mainly find trilobites and brachiopods, though my first fossil was something along the lines of a half-acorn.


It honestly doesn't matter what I WANT to be in the future as I've already actually joined the US Army very recently as a medic which I will stay as for at least four years, though I plan on staying as that longer. Only reason I joined was because of terrible financial issues with my family and I was left the option of serving for my country or living a stagnant life in poverty.

But.. let's see. I used to remember wanting to be a number of things a long time ago. I used to want to be a lawyer just because I was good at arguing, which isn't a very good reason, and even a comedian when I was in elementary school. The last thing I seriously thought about being, which, if I had the chance, I really think I would become, was a High School English teacher. I have many, many ideas for that subject, I love writing and would love to teach people that subject, especially considering all the methods I have in mind for improving the ways my students would learn English.


The Geekette
Nov 25, 2007
Within the last 4 years, I've jumped around to thinking I wanted to do pretty much anything and everything. However, as a high school graduate, I've decided to go for what I love instead of what I like. I am looking to major in Physics and work in the Astronomy field. My interests in Astronomy aren't very limited at all, though as a freshman in college I am eligible to participate in research at the Mehalso observatory on campus that deals mainly with observation, modeling planetary systems, astronomical imaging, data analysis, and other projects. I am considering a minor in Computer Science as well.
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Jan 31, 2010
a place of settlement, activity, or residence.
These days? I just want to be an office/clerical worker, do filing and stuff like that. It's safe, predictable, doesn't pay too badly, and is mostly based on stuff I already know how to do.

Other occupations I've considered have been:

1. Computer Programmer
2. Psychologist
3. Network Administrator
4. Researcher/Academic

My desires go in strange directions, but there you go.
Oct 26, 2008
I'm bored so I guess I can post in here...preferably, I want one of two jobs, Accountant or Aviation Engineer.

Both are fairly well paid but the former would probably be quiet dull, especially if I wanted a job in the bigger banks of the world. It's great pay though and also teaches you how to move you money around to minimize losses of money which I'm sure it some great knowledge to have.

The Second job I think would be more fun to do, being able to physically or mentally (not decided which) build an aircraft for war or any other uses would be quite the challenge but I still think it would be an excellent job to have.


Sep 20, 2008
Since I have a huge interest in Biology and science as awhole, I would like to be a Biologist, Virologist (I'm fascinated by viruses) or Neurosurgeon (I'm also fascinated by the workings of the mind).
Some may say my career choices are very odd and unrealistic, but they are my choices, and I will work to achieve them. No matter what the cost :D

But, if all of my scientific aspirations are not achieved, my fallback career would be an archeologist (or possibly, a History teacher).

Most of the above careers pay well, the teacher pay may vary, depending on the School. And one more thing, in the future, when there's an outbreak of a deadly disease...it wasnt my fault. :sweat:


Mrs. Caleb
Aug 20, 2008
I'm updating this like Claire did!

I have switched my major to marketing from accounting, but I will still likely get an accounting job.

My passion, however, is now photography. I've been seriously pursuing it in the last year and I would dearly love to go professional with it. Time will tell!


A Frog
Feb 19, 2010
on my bean bag...
I would like to become a [chirurgien]. If anyone knows some French, I seem to have forgotten how to say it. LOL LOL LOL!!!!
You know, people who operate!


Call Me Robbi :D
May 31, 2010
Some where familiar
What Occupation Did You Want/or Have

Hmm hopefully no one has did this.. *Hopethe search didnt fail me if so tell me*

Well its always intersting to see what other people always wanted to be when they grew up from a teen age perspective. Me i am an animal lover and nature freak, I would rather ride a bike than drive a car, but since no jobs have little bike ramps to lock them down thats out of teh question, but me i have a few.

Biologist- Hmm my nature freak is coming out, sure i may (hope not) have to disect animals but thats part of it, this caught my attention about a year or two ago when i started to figure out things.

Enviromentalist- I just want to play my role to actually help teh environment than destroy it with more over population, you may see me protesting with PETA or something like that xD just watch for Robert Carmoney on the news.

Umm and other environment occupations.

those are my current goals to accomplish something, these are the ones i wanted to be when i was littler.

Geologist- I was obessed with the earths form and all with rocks ect..

Archeologist- Oh my this was a big one, xD i was hooked on Eygpt and all that when i was little (Blame the movies) but i got over it.

Umm ok so what did you want to be or havent yet or whatever,
and plz NO WHIMPY 1 SENTENCE, give an explanation at least like i did.

*M i d n a*

The Black Star of Niflheim
ZD Champion
Aug 18, 2009
I would like be a pro soccer player, too bad I will never reach that level, eh? XD Being a pro would be awesome since I would get to visit places like stadiums, cities, other pro players, all while doing what I like doing most: Play Soccer. It would be awesome if one day I could wear Mexico's National Soccer Team uniform.

At the moment there is nothing I could be...there are lots of jobs out there, really.

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