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What do you like better in the final boss fight?


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Sep 29, 2020
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*TOTK final boss spoilers*

I was thinking about some of the various Ganon(dorf) final boss fights across the series, and realized that the phases tend to fall under one of two patterns: Either it starts as a Ganondorf fight, but just as you think you've taken him out, he revives in some sort of beast form as a final ditch (OoT, TotK). The other one is he does have some sort of larger, more powerful form in the fight, but he goes down as the 'Dorf. (WW, TP) Which do you think is cooler?

I'm a fan of the WW/TP method myself. There's something chilling about Ganondorf realizing that he's lost so he gives his mind up in an effort to overpower Link, but ending it by stabbing Ganondorf the man is an much more epic ending imo. That's who you've been chasing this whole time, and now you can look him in the eye as he dies.


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Nov 24, 2012
I think when he goes down as Ganondorf, it certainly allows for his defeat to feel a lot more human, and I certainly like that more. When he transforms into a beast, it does come down to just fighting evil incarnate. Which is fun and can be cinematic and I really don't care much either way, but killing him as a dude has an extra weight to it.


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It's hard to say. I like the dramatic nature of being pushed so far into a corner that you exchange your humanity for power. But it also feels overdone. Like, it was crazy and awesome in OoT, but after that it doesn't pack as much of a punch. For that fact I'll probably go for the WW/TP option.

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