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Majora's Mask What Do U Want Out of a 3D/HD Remake?

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Mar 31, 2013
What do u want out of a remake for majoras mask for 3ds or wii u for me i want everything ocarina of time 3d and wind waker hd had to offer and i would like them to change the save system by when you save at a statue it stays there (like in skyward sword) instead of erasing when you reload the game (like in the original)? What do u guys think?


Darkest of all Dark Links
Oct 28, 2012
Just fix all the problems with the original MM. Three saves files, can save anywhere, more freedom in moving forward in time, fix some of the bugs, and maybe add a few more features.


And now.. That imp has it
Nov 4, 2013
Dunnow, I guess Nintendo won't add much additional gameplay. Extra dungeons would be awesome, but I don't think they will do that. Offcourse you need better graphics like OoT 3DS. Maybe some funny eater eggs, a save option and an aditional mask.

I could ask for several things here, but I just don't think Nintendo will add much new features. It is a remake after all.


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Jul 6, 2011
I don't think there will be a remake.
However if there were one I would like:
An HD remake on Wii U. If you look at Skull Kid in SSB U then that is how the characters in that art style should look.
Animations for characters should be redone so that everything looks smoother.
When you play the song of double time you should be able to choose how many hours in time you go forward like in Fallout rather than having to skip to just dawn or night.
They really should not change the gameplay much, just make everything a bit smoother
Pick what ocarina notes to play on Gamepad
Gossip stones for hints. Majoras Mask is hard, and many people will struggle with it.
Personally I would like them to make the moon BIGGER.


Jun 22, 2011
I doubt they will move away from the owl statues, but they certainly could add more to make saving the game much less of a hassle. For instance I would add owl statues at the Pirate's Fortress, Ikana Graveyard, and Goron Village at least, but really I don't see how it would be a bother to put them all over the place. For instance there are already two in the swamp, but it wouldn't hurt to have statues by Kotake's shop, the swamp spider house, and the swamp shooting gallery. As DarkestLink alluded to (edit: and Ganonking) there isn't any reason to not add more flexibility in moving forward through time. I think the Song of Double Time should enable the player to set whenever in the future they want to go to just like the wait feature in Elder Scrolls games. Those are the two most bothersome things about the game for me.

There's also huge room for improvement with all the masks that had somewhat meaningless existences beyond gettting a heart piece or two. For instance they could make the All Night Mask reduce damage taken (or increase damage dealt) during nighttime hours, make the Postman's Hat slow down the clock during minigames (as an allusion to his timing practice and making the shooting galleries easier to beat which is something I've heard people say they couldn't do), make the Couple's Mask lead to female enemies refusing to fight you (think Pirate's Fortress), and let the Keaton Mask increase the likelihood of rupees appearing from grass or pots (since Keaton shows up at moving groves of shrubs that always have rupees). The possibilities are endless.

I'd also love a master quest. I brainstormed ideas to make the dungeons harder in the past. Something the game's dungeons didn't do was take advantage of the cyclical nature of time. For instance you could force people to complete dungeons across two cycles by having only one key for two doors. I could imagine people being stuck on that for a while since it's generally safe to assume that a dungeon can be completed in a single run. This game is my favorite in the series, but the ways Nintendo could improve upon it are tremendous imo.
Dec 16, 2013
Other than graphics and fixing bugs, I would love to see
- A Master Quest (So that we get some more challenging dungeons)
- 3rd Save Slot
- A Slightly Improved Save System (Explanation Below)

I think if Owl Statue save files worked a little better, there would have been much less complaints over MM when it was first released. The only time I ever got upset at MM was my first playthrough when I used the Owl Statue to save right before fighting Odolwa. I got really upset after losing to him a few times that I turned my N64 off without resaving at the Owl Statue so my game data was all lost. I think you shouldn't have to resave at Owl Statues to prevent data loss.

Twilight King

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Jun 17, 2013
Truthfully? All I want is the ability to save and to be able to play it on the go. MM was fairly polished, though the graphics COULD be updated like OoT's were.

I could also state the argument that some of the masks don't do squat, and I agree that many should be updated, but it wouldn't be a necessity because we've already got 3 pretty amazing transformation masks. (Though part of me still wants more that could be optional besides fierce deity)
Jan 4, 2012
All of the above, but not just improved graphics, VASTLY improved graphics. I'm expecting that the remake will come on the next Nintendo handheld, possibly even as a release title, since that would be a huge sales booster. With this, I'm expecting the capabilities of it will make it look similar to that "tech demo" fan made video that was so amazing. Just a really animated world. Oot 3D was great, but I think more can be done than just update graphics; they can reprogram some actions and make it more fluid too, make the world more fresh and lively. That, is what I would like to see more than any option or hero mode.

and something that might be cool, boss rush mode should include the mini bosses (this game has some phenomenal ones ie. Gekko, Gomess, Wart)


Keyblade Master
Jul 31, 2012
It wouldn't be a remake. It'd be a upscaled port with better graphics, just like OoT 3D.

People should stop confusing "remake" with "port".
Jun 14, 2011
I've always supported Majora's Mask 3D so I'm gonna stick with it. It would be simpler to remake for 3DS rather than Wii U since they can reuse resources from Ocarina of Time 3D... like the original did.

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