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What Do I Sell to the Guy Who Says Sell Me Something with C

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Jun 19, 2011
Lon Lon ranch
I've played through ocarina of time about 3 times and I never knew what to sell the guy patting his lap can someone please tell me what that is because I actually killed my self in the game because it frustrated me so much
Do you mean the man that sits in the Market as a child, and in Kakariko as an adult? He's simply there for when you are short on rupees. He's not really important to the rest of the game that I am aware of. What he means, though, is that you can give him the content of bottles in exchange for rupees. I personally, am never really in need of rupees after a certain point in the game, so he isn't really too much use to me. I suppose if you always get your tunics eaten by like-likes or are just always purchasing stuff, I guess he might be more useful to you.

So, you just wanted to know his purpose, right? That's pretty much it.


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Jan 21, 2011
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Also, fairy and blue fire should work, for 25 and 150 rupees, respectively.

BTW, that's the same guy who runs the bank in Majora's Mask, and there is a theory about him:
He might be a Kokiri. There is a Gossip Stone in the game, which says: "They say that one Kokiri has left the forest, and he is still alive!"


It Can't be the little deku tree after the forest temple says link's hylian AND Link grew up where the other kokiri are still kids after 7 years. My Theory is he's just in need of items


May 21, 2011
i think he just wants an excuse to give you money beacuse he says please... with c... sell me somthing... with c....
so obviously he must have some cash. you can sell him fairies and well, and maybe blue fire.
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