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Spirit Tracks What Did You Think of Zelda Being a Ghost?


~Dancer in the Dark~
Jan 30, 2010
Okay, so I'm doing a three heart run on Spirit Tracks because I finally got my game back. I actually forgot how epic some of the game is, I suppose I only remembered the bad things about the game.

So I am enjoying the game and I was wondering what people thought of Zelda being a ghost. I was also wondering what people thought about her assisting you in this game. But she's a ghost...it's interesting. Did you like the fact that she was a ghost in this game? Did you like the fact that Zelda was the navigator in this game? Share your thoughts.

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I love the game started a new file a few days ago. I like how they put thetwist on that you arent saving zelda (well technically) you are saving her body. The only part i didnt like was when she was a phanton when you had to go through doors ad she said " Wait up!!!!!!!!!!!!!" then i would yell at my screen say " Well then hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Jan 31, 2010
a place of settlement, activity, or residence.
I thought it was pretty amazing. Now Zelda is a central part of the game. Her body is actually the instrument to be used, and her spirit is with you the whole way, helping you out. This is even better than the fairy concept.

This is the first game that really deserves the name, "Legend of Zelda," because Zelda actually plays a role in the game.

Nye Pendragon

Feb 16, 2010
Oh, I loved it! Probably the reason I enjoyed Spirit Tracks so much more than Phantom Hourglass.

I really love it when Zelda gets a good role in a game, like this or as Sheik, it feels like she's contributing something to the saving of Hyrule, rather than being a damsel in distress.
I like how she was rather 'spoiled' (I guess would be a good word to use) in the beginning of the game, but got over it throughout the course of the story. She helped Link out immensly, his quest would have been much more difficult without her! I thought the idea of the spirit was ingenious. A good way to get Zelda involved in the plot and adventure, plus it was just fun being a Phantom! Another thing, I thought the whole 'Phantom' subplot was really neat and a great way to do teamwork in a Zelda game. I would love to see this in the future. : D And Spirit Tracks really did it well by not bombarding you with teamwork puzzles, but rather, only did them occasionally. I think this inhanced the experience, not doing it too much to make it tiresome, but not too little to get bored with.

So yes, I really loved the ghost Zelda in this game, and hope to see some more teamwork from Link and Zelda in the future~


Zelda Fan Girl
Jun 13, 2010
SkyView Temple
I loved the idea of Zelda helping Link all through the game it was a great idea! and I hope it continues in more Zelda games.


Mar 11, 2011
I loved it all. That Zelda was murdured and became a ghost really gave something into the story. And I also loved her as a assisting partner, it fits her character because Zelda has allways been the wise and helping one.


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Jan 31, 2010
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Angel of Darkness
I liked it! It was fun and she was able to get into another body and she would help you out. I really liked that idea because it also made her a playable and interesting character

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