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Spoiler What Did You Like?


Finding Love by the Moon
May 28, 2012
Macy, Indiana
Seeing as Skyward Sword was at the beginning of the Zelda timeline, it explained several things that have been in the previous games. Example: It explained how the Master Sword was created and how it is the 'blade of evils bane'.

Now, I have several reasons as to why I did enjoy the game. I will list them and hopefully you agree, but this is all my opinion.


To me, it explained how Zelda got her powers that are shown the other games. Considering that she is Hylia, in a mortal form, she can still use Hylia's power. I enjoyed that because it answered my question of, 'Well, why does this princess have special powers, with no excuse but having the Triforce?' It also, in a way, explains why she has the Triforce.


I absolutely ADORE the robots in the Lanayru Province. They are so cute with the little noises they make! I also love Scrapper's attitude toward Link and how infatuated he is with Fi. It's cute and a comic relief in a way.


How Ganondorf came into the world. I believe that when Demise said something about being reincarnated, he was talking about Ganondorf. It makes sense, Demise wanted to rule over Hyrule and take the Triforce and so does Ganondorf.


The music was absolutely amazing! I loved how they fit the music to the storyline of the game and the emotion from the characters. I also liked that Zelda actually sang at the beginning of the game. It was beautiful.


I actually liked Fi a little bit. Even though she could get annoying with her 'Thank you Captain Obvious' hints, she was actually a very unique character. I was actually sad when she said she experienced happiness at the end of the game.

These weren't in a particular order, but I felt like sharing what I liked about the game and seeing if you agree. What did you enjoy about the game?
Aug 20, 2012
I liked the storyline since it fitted nicely in the timeline.

But some things in the gameplay were annoying like playing the Goddess Harp or reusing Ghirahim as a dungeon boss.

The Sandship was actually a really good dungeon; it was unique and I liked the boss (although the hair was ridiculous). :P

Fi had no emotions except at the end. She only says obvious things that weren't helpful at all. She honestly wasn't that much of a good companion.

And the robots were really cute. I have to agree.


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
I liked how well the 1:1 swordplay was in Skyward Sword. It was pretty much seamless, smooth and all. Now I had a bunch of hiccups here and there, half user error and half were the swordplay's fault, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

I also liked Link's sexy as eff voice. I loved every moment when he panted. I loved everytime he yelled and screamed in pain. I loved his grunts. <3 <3 <3

One final thing. I loved the Hylian Shield.


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
Pretty much everything about it. While there are specific moments in the game that I'm not very fond of, I can't look back on the game as a whole and say I legitimately didn't like any of the core aspects of it. The controls, the beefed-up combat system, the overworld, the dungeons, the bosses, the art style, and the music... all incredible and all some of the best in the series. Hell, some of the best in gaming. Phenomenal on all accounts despite having numerous flaws. Love it.
Skyward Sword was a reinvigorating experience for the franchise and while it retained the familiar adventuring of its predecessors new and interesting mechanics soared the franchise to new heights. SS isn't my favorite game in the series but it's the most revolutionary installment in awhile.

In the gameplay department there were several obvious changes which added an extra layer of strategy to combating enemies and solving puzzles. Most prominent among these are the stamina gauge, shield meter, and adventure pouch. Not only did these advancements largely clear the messy hud found in most games in the genre but also provided a more realistic view of Link. He was the Hero of the Goddess but also succumbed to ailment like the other human beings around him.

I was also fond of the timeshift stones dotting the Lanayru Desert. If Silent Realms weren't an already intriguing play on the dual overworld mechanic first introduced in A Link to the Past Nintendo added these time transcending orbs to further spice things up. It was especially awe inspiring to observe sand particles transform into the Lanayru Sea before my very eyes.

Switching gears from overworld advancements to dungeons SS did a great job of mixing things up by implementing multiple dungeon themes. Take the Lanayru Mining Facility, for example. Not only did it offer your standard desert fare but spiced things up with a mechanic twist. The cream of the crop, however, was the final enemy abode itself-Skykeep. Much like Hyrule Castle from Twilight Princess it served as a paragon of nonlinear progression. Altering room order across its branching pathways was superbly executed and for a dungeon retreading previous areas felt surprisingly fresh and lfuid.

On a more wholistic note the insight SS provided into the bird imagery permeating the franchise was astounding. The Goddess Crest, its cousin the Royal Crest, and its predecessor the Goddess Crest are clearly derived from the Loftwing. This explains the phoenixes, owls, crows, eagles, and other birds seen in later games (chronologically).
May 5, 2012
I liked the art style (except with the moblins...well i did like the ones with the shield). The motion control...i love it its soooo good in SS and i really hope for more games that use it just as well or better than SS. I liked Zelda in it by far my favourite version of her.

The story was ok

Sir Quaffler

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I love just about everything about Skyward Sword.

The gameplay chief among them, as this is simply the most fun I've had playing a game. I prefer swordplay to gunplay any day of the week as I feel there's more strategy involved, and SS has by far the best swordplay of any game. The other motion controls were really fun as well, I liked piloting the Beetle around as my personal scout, and pulling back on the nunchuck for the bow like how you would actually draw a bow was awesome. The adventure pouch was a really cool addition, I liked having to decide what to take with you on your journey and it added a neat element of strategy to adventuring. Also in the same department were the shield meter and stamina gauge. I liked how you couldn't just swing your sword around wildly without being worn out, this makes situations like the horde battle all the more pressured, and you still had to strategize your attacks while in a mad dash.

The dungeons and bosses are in their best condition in this game. While there are a few exceptions (Tentalus wasn't that great of a boss, and I really didn't like the Ancient Cistern), overall they're the most fun I've had in a game. And mad props to Skyview Temple for being a very challenging intro dungeon, I died more times here than I care to admit. The Lanayru Mining Facility and Sandship were my two favorite dungeons in the game, largely due to that awesome timeshifting mechanic.The humanoid bosses were the most enjoyable for me, since they were more like duels with a challenging opponent rather than the slash-hit weak point-repeat thing they had been doing for some time. They didn't really have any weak points, so you had to have your A-game on when fighting these guys.

The story was phenomenal, and I've never been so driven to succeed in my quest. I loved how, instead of just saving the princess or saving Hyrule, you were trying to get your childhood friend back, and in the process actually accomplish so much more like ACTUALLY ATTAINING AND USING THE WHOLE TRIFORCE. It's also one of the most emotional games I've played. I felt a deep longing and desire to get Zelda back, and a sense of a true friendship and love to her that Link had. Real sympathy for Groose as he learned more about himself. Sadness for what happened to the ancient robots and their society, and especially for what happened to Fi and Impa at the end. Joy in the simple pleasures like hunting bugs and treasure down and for simply roaming the land. Fear from the terrifying Silent Realms and the guardians. Disgust for Ghirahim (initially) and his strange and somewhat homoerotic mannerisms. Hatred toward Ghirahim and Demise for all they had done to Zelda.

Overall, while I may find a few nitpicks (like did they really have to explain what the bugs and treasures were every time you rebooted the game?) and some moments were less than stellar (the inner volcano region was very underwhelming, and I hated everything about Faron the dragon), these are tiny compared to everything else the game offers. My favorite game.


Dec 31, 2011
New York
I absolutely adored play the harp with Kina! Just Kidding. Anyways I loved just jumping off my Loftwing at the highest point in the sky and getting back on just before falling past the cloud limit. Also, catching birds with a BUG catching net was fun. It was fun to knock down the chandelier(sorry if spelling is incorrect) and see how no one gets hurt. I LOVED Fi's voice, some people found it annoying, but I loved it!


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Jul 8, 2012
Behind My Computer Monitor
- fi was a little annoying from time to time, but she wasn`t too bad
- Link and Zelda DAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3
- the overall story
- graphics (Loved the blend of cartoony and realism)
- the stamina gauge
- the beetle
- the side quests (Though Im not too sure many will agree with me on that one)
- the emotion some of the scenes portrayed


Cucco Butt
Jun 5, 2012
There are a lot of things I like in Skyward Sword. I thought the remlits were funny. (Day and night) I liked Ghirahim, and the Eldin province.
I also liked the Earth Temple. The thing I liked the most in Skyward Sword was Ghirahim. The boss battles were awesome, totally fun, and interesting.
I liked all the bos battles, except The Imprisoned and Demise. I love almost everything in Skyward Sword.

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