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What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?


Source of stink
May 21, 2016
5th layer
I just now woke up but yesterday I went to a doctor after coughing non stop all last week and learned that I had bronchitis.


Jul 1, 2012
Late night chilling outside crying to frank mutha****ing ocean is like my ****ing life atm

why frank, 4 years and you ****ing do this to me


Feb 14, 2016
The Sea
7:30: woke up to anxiously stare at ceiling, chew fingernails, and try to go back to sleep
8:30 abandoned noble pursuit to get out of bed and shower
8:50 brushed hair and teeth and checked forums, email, and ebay.
9:00 dressed, wrapped up sold records, and styled hair.
9:20 packed bag, **** posted, and fed fish
9:30 drove with mum to my work place and got can of soda and booted up computer while chatting to coworkers
10:00 boss arrived, so we chatted and planned for an hour.
11:00 started actual work on grant writing, emails, and general charitable foundation tosh.
1:00 made a sandwich and ate while continuing to work
3:00 showed boss grant, called electrician, contacted lawyer for some information and nonsense.
5:00 finished grant and gave to coordinator, ate swedish fish, went home
6:00 about to leave to get dinner with friend and do a spot of shopping.

What follows is a guess at what the rest of the night holds:

9:00 arrive home and respond to all skype and forum messages and emails.
10:00 take bath, put up hair, and watch british baking shows while **** posting and probably arguing with DM and other friends.
11:00 begin to turn into pumpkin and read a book.
12:00 fully transform into a sleepy pumpkin and go offline to sleep like a hot pocket wrapped in several layers of cheesy, blanket goodness.
Oct 2, 2016
About to go out and be a Pokemon master of grinding Pidgeys into Pidgey McNuggets for exp.... I mean, exercise and science purposes.
Oct 1, 2016
Woke up this morning; sick. Called out from work. Now sitting down at my desk to do some school work (grad school).

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