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What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

Jan 13, 2015
An Attack Roflcopter
Not good...

I hope we dethrone Isis-lover Sultan Obama...

I mean, are you ****ing kidding me Obama?!

It took one ****ing Jordanian pilot to cause their KING to declare war on Isis.

How many goddamn Americans have to die to this death group for him to put some sence of leadership up his ass!

He's our worst president, and sure as hell was a mistake. Just becuase at the polls he's "the first black president" means NOTHING if he's this bad!

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Johnny Sooshi

Just a sleepy guy
Nov 1, 2011
a Taco Bell dumpster
Finished Public Speaking (didn't have to present today). Right now I'm taking care of some math homework, gonna go eat, check my mail, and then go to class.

After my last class of the day I'm gonna get some homework done and chill for a bit, and maybe go to a hookah lounge with a friend if he gets back to me. If not, it's gonna be some Counter Strike, some youtube, and then sleep by 1 at the absolute latest.


Kissing Link is like chocolate; rich and sweet.
Jun 20, 2014
Sucking Link's eartips.
Went to Target for my copy of MM and a few groceries, then stopped at Whole Foods so my mom could get her yogurt, then hung out at my parents' for awhile. Now I'm at home playing MM and browsing the 'net.


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
Really happy :) My new display cabinet was delivered today and I spend some hours setting up all my figures there and then created new displays in my other display cabinet :) Now I have plenty of space for future figure purchases :P

And then I checked the mail and found that Game of Thrones Season 4 blu-ray had been delivered today (it releases on Monday) :D
Feb 9, 2015
I spent half the day deciding whether I wanted butter or jam toast then ended up having both.

All in all, berry productive.

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