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A Link Between Worlds What Did You Consult the Walkthrough for (if at All)?

What Did You Consult the Walkthrough for (if at all)?

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Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
Funny thing, I found the Master Ore in the Dark Palace out of sheer coincidence, I was so frustrated with being stuck and was just looking for somewhere to move forward (because I hadn't smashed that damn breakable floor tile) and suddenly I noticed the rotating wall, because I was playing around with the bomb, and there it was, which prompted me to return to the Skull woods because I remember there being a large chest there as well, lol.


Wake Up!
Nov 13, 2012
i have yet to look at a Guide, im not saying that i never will, but i am trying to actually 100% ALBW before i even look at a guide. I havent been able to do that with a Zelda game yet, i always get really close, but on my second play through i always look at a guide to make sure im getting everything.

Im sure i will use a guide sooner or later, but for now, i keep returning to my first file to run around collecting the lil Maiamais, i have 9 left, and i still have 6 pieces of heart i need to find, other than that i have every thing. its just something i return too, while im bored. Something just to pass time quickly. When im actually having a play session i play my Hero Mode File!
Nov 12, 2013
The first time through, I purposely avoided guides/spoilers. However, I decided that if I had been working on a puzzle (etc) for an hour or so and still no idea, that for the value of my own time, it would be better to look it up. And I was trying to 100% it.

Things I looked up: pegasus boots, the heart piece where you have to bomb between the two pillars at the south of Hyrule, some dungeon where there was a passageway under a platform (that you can't see), (sadly) the final shot at Ganon/Yuga (didn't know it was the final shot), and probably two or three others. I missed the upgraded bug net, but got 100% besides that.

Heroine of Time

Rest in peace, Paris Caper...
Aug 6, 2011
Take a guess.
Nope! I didn't look up anything, much to my joy! I've considered walkthroughs evil ever since completing A Link to the Past using one. I was tired of feeling inferior to those who competed it without one; it made whatever satisfaction I'd normally feel for 100%ing practically nonexistant. Of course, I didn't even get what minimal victory I WOULD receive after using a walkthrough because somehow despite following the walkthrough exactly I'm still missing one Heart Piece. -.-

For me, there's no real accomplishment in just reading something and then doing it -- that's why I was mad when a Hint Ghost in Lorule Castle pretty much TOLD me how to get the Red Tunic. Not a walkthrough, but man, might as well have been. I wasn't looking for a detailed description, Hint Ghost. D: That particular puzzle and the Dark Palace Master Ore were the ones I remember having the most trouble with, but I figured them out in the end!
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Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Theory: I didn't. I find nothing to consult the walkthrough in, because ALBW is a masterfully Crafted title created simply for th epurpose of gameplay enrichment and gameplay Enjoyment, the reasoning is that everything is accessible and yet i can be made challenging through User input.


Jun 19, 2010
Nah, I didn't. There game as a whole wasn't really that difficult, and there weren't many points in which I got stuck that I couldn't get past quickly; at the few that I did, I just consulted a friend who'd already beaten the game (which, I guess, is kind of similar to using a walkthrough, but w/e).


I checked where the master ores were, Pegasus boots, Pieces of Heart, and upgrading items. Didn't need it for the dungeons; they were pretty easy.


master of the sword
Feb 4, 2014
I looked up WAY to much, I looked up how to get through turtle rock and palace of darkness, ALL the master ore (except for scull woods), Pegasus boots, heart pieces, maiamais, treacherous tower, and bottles. I'm SO CLOSE to 100% (dang you 999 second second challenge)


Quid est veritas, Claudia
Feb 9, 2010
Well considering I ended up with all the pieces of heart without ever having to look one up :P Never really got stuck in the storyline either, I love solving the puzzles on my own.

All I really need was like 8 last Maiamai. Gosh those things... 100 was a bit too many

Sir Quaffler

May we meet again
I only needed it to figure out how to get the Master Ore in the Dark Palace. It didn't occur to me that the wall would swivel only when the switch on the OTHER side of the room was hit, and after spending a good 20 minutes trying to figure it out I just got frustrated and said "Screw it, let's check out ZD."


I only used the Guide to decide which dungeons I wanted to handle in what order based on the items I wanted most. For example, getting the tunics, or gloves to finish exploring. I did the same with link to the past the last time I played and loved it. That is just me, other than that I found just about everything else on my own. Going through hero mode now to finish anything I missed the first round.


Wild Card
Jun 14, 2010
Only consulted walkthroughs/online help to find the Pegasus Boots as well as the locations of Maimais and a couple of other items. I may have looked up a walkthrough for a dungeon at some point? Mainly because I kept forgetting walls were a thing. xD

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