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Spoiler What Could It Be Like with Miyamoto Doing It....

Is it better if Miyamoto did Zelda Wii U by himself?

  • Yes, it is better. Their aren't any slackers either.

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  • No, Zelda would be doomed and never come out.

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Sep 3, 2011
Hey I found no thread that said anything on this so I made this. This is old news but, do you think it will be much better for Miyamoto to handle Zelda Wii U himself, or worse? Source of information: Miyamoto wants to personally handle The Legend of Zelda on the Wii U I think there are many ideas of his floating around waiting to be used. He could revive the so called 'experience' older gamers ( That played the first Zelda games.) wanted in freedom and exploration, if he does do it mostly, it will be really great. Why is it better to do a game by your self? You could have lots of people with ideas that you think aren't very strong like: Lets give Link voice acting! Or Lets Link and Zelda go in bed for everyone to see! ( Not literally, lol. But their are ideas you wouldn't like.) Look at this amazing game done by one person thats better than Minecraft: wollay's blog So yeah, do you think this will be better? Or worse? That is if he does do it by himself.
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