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Breath of the Wild What Are Your Worst Fears of Zelda Wii U?


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Apr 12, 2012
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I don't see why everyone's so worried about voice acting, since I seriously doubt there will even be full voice acting at all. Now, on the off chance that Zelda U does has voice acting, I'm confident that we'll see something akin to Fire Emblem Awakening's voice acting. Nintendo has definitely gotten better about this over the years; they won't let Zelda U turn into a CD-i catastrophe.

The only thing I worry about is lack of exploration, a barren overworld, a lack of side-quests and it's difficulty. I'm getting rather tired of Zelda games consistently holding my hand and have nothing to do in a vast, empty field that's just ripe for exploring. Also, Nintendo, I realise you want me to take a break. But please refrain from having someone telling me that I need to take a break every half hour or hour.


May 18, 2013
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I have three main fears:

1. Kind of going off of what Sroa Link said about a sidekick on the first page, I'm worried about getting another sidekick. I personally don't mind a sidekick, but I didn't like Fi. She made certain things too easy. She just over explained everything and there were times that it felt like she was just being, "Go here" or "Do this". The older games, it just felt like you were thrown into this big world that you have to save, even though you don't exactly know what's going on. It made it interesting and more fun, because I like figuring some stuff out on my own.

2. Also, my fear is that they will take way too much time to do tell you what to do in the beginning. This was also a problem with Fi, but I think OoT was the first to do it. Inside the Great Deku is one of my least favorite dungeons of all time, because there were so many moments of Navi explaining what to do. She tells you how to open a door! My initial thought was, why is she telling me this?? I can clearly see the blue button at the top of the screen that says "Open".

3. Finally, my fear is the difficulty. Some games are so difficult, that it feels impossible to beat without a guide or looking online. On the opposite side, games can be made so easy, that you can beat it within a week. But my least favorite parts of games is when they mix the difficulty levels. Some games are super easy and you just fly through, but there's just a few spots that are impossible to do on your own. I like the puzzles or areas that you have to spend time on them, but I don't want to spend my whole time on just a couple areas. Hopefully Nintendo will spend time making sure that everything is balanced.
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