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What are your top 10 favourite animals


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Jul 6, 2011
Here you can list your top 10 favourites and maybe write a bit about why you like them.


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Jul 27, 2012
Canada, eh
There are so many animals I would add to this list, but I think I narrowed it down pretty well:

10. The mighty ostrich.
The ultimate form of transportation. If I had a bucket list, participating in an ostrich race would be on it.

9. The turtles of the sea.

I actually own a tortoise, though usually the only thing that can get her mobile is the prospect of food (which really, I can relate to - I'm not judging :P) But sea turtles, on the other hand, gracefully glide through the water all day every day. It's definitely a sight I could get use to watching.

8. "Hoo" better than the owl? (See what I did there? No? Okay then...)

I've loved the various types of owls from a young age, though I'm sure the world of Harry Potter greatly contributed to that.

7. Wee little hummingbirds.

Every May, my family puts out our hummingbird feeder so we can enjoy these little guys when they arrive in the summer. There's nothing better than sitting on the deck with a refreshing beverage, watching these birds zip around and land for a drink.

6. Penguins for the win.

Yes. Just, yes.

5. Cattle

Having been raised on a ranch, there is no way that I could leave these guys out of the mix. They're highly significant, especially within the agricultural industry. Plus, those newborn calves are pretty darn cute.

4. Elephants all the way.

They have trunks, which is pretty great all on its own, though they are also quite intelligent.

3. The mischievous monkey

As a kid, seeing these fellows were the best part of any zoo trip.


This is a close first because I love dogs so freakin' much asdflkjsdljfdl. I'm actually going to school for a vet type course, so I'll get to work with them a lot. ^^



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Sep 22, 2014
1. Sea Otters
2. Chinchilla
3. Beaver
4. Walrus
5. Wolves
6. Dogs
7. Hamsters
8. Ducks
9. Polar Bears
10. Lizards


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Dec 17, 2012
Actually, "Octopi" is an incorrect pluralization. It's assuming that the word Octopus comes from Latin, but it doesn't, it's Greek. The technical correct term would be Octopodes in Greek, but Octopuses is also correct and more commonly used.
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Aug 9, 2015
In no particular order because I can't choose:

-Koalas (too cute and cuddly!)
-Spiders (when I was small, I used to catch bugs and feed them to the spiders in the shed. Each day their webs became a little bigger, and I have found them really interesting ever since :P )
-Owls (the most beautiful birds on the planet)
-Tortoises (if you haven't seen a baby tortoise, they are absolutely adorable)
-Bats (just always found them interesting/weird)
-Moths (definitely prettier than butterflies if you find the right one)
-Guinea Pigs (my first ever pet)
-Normal Pigs (I don't actually have a reason, I just think they deserve to be here)
-Frogs (again, very cute!)
-Dogs (do I need a reason?)

I could go on for a while... basically I love most animals! ;)


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Apr 29, 2010
A lot of these animals I've owned as pets. I understand this list isn't standard, but hopefully you'll enjoy it. :keese:
DARK MASTER's Favorite List of Living Things Within the Animalia Kingdom:

1. Lurkey-dinosaurs

2. Komodo Dragon

3. Japanese Spider Crab

4. Giant Japanese Hornet

5. Giant Australian Earthworm

6. Giant Japanese Salamander

7. Bobbit Worm

8. Guinea Fowl

9. Cassowary

10. Blue-Footed Booby

Thanks for checking out my list friends. :)

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