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What Are Your Thoughts on the Owl?

Dec 19, 2011
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He's in a lot of memorable Zelda installments. Always bossing Link around sending him from place to place. Strange, it almost seems this owl knows Links whole journey step by step. Before the story even unfolds..

Do you think this owl dictates which installments are in a particular timeline? Being only the ones that he appears in? What are your own personal theories surrounding this owl? This is my first thread so help me out guys! :cool:
Nov 8, 2009
He only appears in OoT and FSA, right? OoT is the split, and FSA probably is on the child timeline. Unless there is another game with him, I don't think he is good evidence for placing games.


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Jan 30, 2011
I think he's a reincarnation of SS's Zelda's father.

He's also in MM and LA.

They certainly do share similar names and they KIND of look alike (Thank GOD that Gaepora wasnt as annoying as that freakin owl in OoT). Obviously I believe that Kaepora Gaebora is the reincarnation of Gaepora as they share similar names. As Zelda, Link, and Gaepora decided to live beneath the clouds after the events of Skyward Sword it is certain that Gaepora became the King of Hyrule AND became the ancient "sage" because of his vast knowledge that is portrayed in Skyward Sword!


I've often wondered about the owl. In Link's Awakening he claims to be part of the Wind Fish himself and guides Link frequently inside and outside of dungeons. In both Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time he appears to be able to follow Link's entire adventure, even back and forth through time. Even in Skyward Sword, Gaepora seems to know more about Skyloft and its mysteries than anyone else, and helps Link multiple times in his quest. I don't know much about Four Swords or its sequel, but I'm pretty sure that the gossip stone was right about the whole "ancient sage" thing. There's definitely something big at work here!


Jan 10, 2011
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Well, the Owl in OoT (Keapora Gaebora) is the reincarnation of Zelda's father, Geapora, in Skyward Sword. That's obvious. But the owl in LA is most likely not related the two. There wasn't an attempt at any kind of connection with KG and the owl in LA, so the owl on Kolohint was probably just part of the dream. There's no way of completely proving it, but the lack of any connections between him and KG suggests that there aren't any.


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Feb 21, 2012
KG is rauru, the light sage, this is confirmed by hyrule historia, the owl in LA is part of a dream, the MM owl I don't know, KG terminan equvalent?
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You can read all the comments in the theory I started on here about Gaepora and KG. http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/f31/zelda-theory-kaepora-gaebora-28516.html.with this link. Plus, in an article with Anouma, Eiji Aonuma Nintendo Power Interview: Talks Skyward Sword, Zelda Wii U, It was answered:The headmaster’s name, Gaepora, is pretty similar to the owl’s name from Ocarina of Time, Kaepora Gaebora. The headmaster even has owl-like eyebrows and a hooting laugh. Were these characters intentionally made similar, or is that just a coincidence?

The headmaster holds a wide variety of knowledge (he was originally designed to be the priest who was the heir to the legend of the goddess), and so the designer made him look like that in order to present a wise and dignified image. He wasn’t actually designed around Kaepora Gaebora, but since he did end up resembling him, we gave him the name Gaepora.

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Well, the timeline theory is moot especially after the revealing of the official Hyrule Historia timeline by Nintendo.

Personally, I've found owls to always been an entertaining part of the Zelda franchise and my favorite would obviously have to be the wise crackhead from Ocarina of Time (Keapora Gaebora) with the LA version coming in a close second. Love those helpful tips and the music that plays. <3 This may be influenced in large part by my immense love for Ocarina of Time which I absolutely adore. Did I say I love OoT yet? :xd:
Mar 10, 2012
Most of you will probably think I'm crazy but I always just assumed that the Owl was somehow a reincarnation of the Deku Tree since I always figured who the hell else would know so much about Links quest? Ha I do admit though after playing SS I'm leaning more to the theory now that it's probably just Zeldas father.

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Even if he isn't an owl, I think that Kaepora Gaebora started as a human (Headmaster Gaebora from SS) and somehow got transformed (possibly by using the Triforce) into a never dying and all knowing Owl. I mean look at the Headmaster's face, he's an owl all the way!


Worship the Strangeness
Aug 30, 2011
The owl is like his guide- ya know, like Midna in tp or Fi in ss. He is more helPful in Oot though.

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