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Spoiler What Are Your Saddest/most Emotional Games?


Son of the Patriots
Feb 2, 2011
My own little world
If you get really into it, any game can be emotional

Metal Gear Solid 1, 3, 4
With any ending you get, the first metal gear solid is downright emotional. The world was threatened and Solid Snake does everything in his power to stop it as the enemies relentlessly go after him. Then, he finds Meryl tied to explosives but before he can save her he must fight Liquid in hand to hand combat on top of metal gear and you must defeat him in time to rescue Meryl and all this after fighting Metal Gear and watching your old friend die as he gives his last breath to give you a fighting chance of succeeding and when you think it's never going to end MiGs are coming to bomb the island and you have to get out of there on the back of a jeep while fighting off enemies and a;lksdfhiao;jf!!!! It's intense.
Metal Gear Solid 3, you must fight your mentor who you have fought and died with for the past ten years and you love her more than anyone could love their mother but it's your mission and she's a defector one must die and one must live, you must let go of the past and fight like warriors and then you kill her as she says her last goodbyes and the woman you fall for is a traitor and a liar and she walks away with the Philosopher's Legacy but she was kind enough to let you live and she explains everything. Everyone treats you as a hero and salutes and claps and cheers but only you know what really happened after you discover that The Boss, your mentor, was actually loyal to the end and she was on a mission as a spy pretending to be a defector to get the Philosopher's Legacy but after Volgin bombs the research facility the only way to prove the U.S.'s innocence is to kill the Boss and that's why it was your mission and she was actually a hero but everyone will remember her as a war criminal and in the final scene you place flowers and her gun on her grave and you stand and salute as a single tear rolls down Snake's face.
Metal Gear Solid 4, Snake is near death, he has only a few months to live but he still fights but this time liquid is winning, he powers the giant ship Outer Haven at you as you sit on the dock too injured to move waiting for death, but Raiden, crushed under the debris breaks his arm so he can reach his sword and cut it off so he can free himself comes running to the rescue to use the last of his advanced strength to hold back the ship to give snake the few moments he needs to inch away from the ship and as the ship crushes raiden snake watches as you hear the conversation between Raiden and his Fiancee, Rose talk about the day they met untill the life fades from eyes and he is crushed to death. Then, Snake must make his way to Outer Haven to destroy GW but first he must walk, crawl, then drag himself through a long hall boobytrapped with microwaves that cook him alive as the others outside are fighting for their very lives because Liquid is winning and the only hope of him being stopped is snake on his suicide mission GO SNAKE GO. But it's still not over! It all ends in a final fight between Snake and Liquid once more, and after all is said and done, Meryl's wedding, Jack meets his son for the first time, and we watch as snake puts the muzzle of his gun in his mouth and the camera pans out and we hear BANG. But, he didn't do it. Instead, he meets Big Boss, his father, once more. Only this time they do not fight. They make amends as Big Boss's age claims his life.

Ocarina of Time
The dark beast Ganon comes at you inside the ring of fire and all you see is his dark silhouette with his bright yellow eyes as lightning strikes in the background. Just use the master sword to...OH NO he knocked it out of your hand!!! One of the greatest final bosses ever!

Heavy Rain
There are a quadrillion different endings to this game, so just play it and see for yourself.


Jul 26, 2010
Windwaker. The whole concept of 'Old' Hyrule was trapped and gone under water made me really upset. Especially when it
Filled with water after you defeated Ganondorf, and the King of Red Lions was there
It was terribly sad.


Viceroy of Area 11
Dec 24, 2010
Yep I cried at the end of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. And at the end of Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time. That was probably because I was so happy I beat it though. :) Also Animal Crossing: Wild World brings back really good memories for me. I also cried big time at the end of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future when Luke starts sobbing at the dock. POOR LUKE! But all amazing games.

Random Person

Just Some Random Person
Feb 6, 2010
One thing I didn't put on mine. The game Majora's Mask had some pretty intense emotional moments (I could go on forever) but the one that sticks out the most is what happens when you fail Sakkon hideout. Kafei says to you (paraphrase) "I'm sorry green hat kid. If you can, get yourself out of here."

I wanted to scream. "WHAT! NO! You're coming with me!" But there was nothing I could do. I hated leaving that dude there. Just imagine how he must have felt. Being left there knowing he had failed his fiancee and that he would be trapped there forever. The fact that the world is about to end doesn't help either.


Yeah, it's enough to bring tears to one's eyes.

February Eve

ZD District Attorney
Mar 21, 2010
There were some moments in the second half of Okami that were fairly sad/emotional. There are not many character deaths throughout the games, but the few that do pack a lot of punch. There were also several moments throughout the game that made me "Awww," but those were not sad, just nicely executed suspense/drama with a good resolution.

Tales of Symphonia, so far, also has several emotional moments. I haven't finished it yet, but here are big spoilers for a major character and the first half of the game.

I really liked Collette's story line - she's known from childhood that she had to give up her life to save the world, but the process was slow and she lost pieces of herself little by little. Lloyd's slow realization about this, and his fierce denial, was pretty emotional, and I liked all the cut scenes they had together about that. I actually like the story line in the second part of the game better - the plot suddenly zigs and zags from what it was before, and it gets a lot darker as well - but that was one thing about the beginning that really resonated with me. Especially Lloyd's regret for that one moment that he went against his instincts which (in his head) resulted in causing Collette pain.


Fable I, II and III, if you've played the game, you know why... the burning of Oakvale (massacre of everybody), Dog and Walter.

No Zelda game has made me really emotional.. a tear here or there, but nothing too bad.
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