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What Are Your Opinions On Tablet Computers?

May 14, 2011
*I checked for a thread like this and couldn't find one. Sue me if you find a thread like this.


Like what the thread title details, what is your opinion on tablet computers? As of March 2012, 31% of U.S. users on the Internet were reported to have a tablet and are continuing to rise. With iPads, Kindles, Nooks, etc., do you hate the touchscreen, mobile computers or do you love tablets and is even using one right now?


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May 26, 2010
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1) don't make disclaimers about threads

2) I personally do not like tablets; they're slow af compared to my crap PC and they have limited features for my own purposes. I personally like to emulate, but I can't do that with tablets without modifications that I don't care for. :I


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Jan 31, 2010
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Like Vennie said. These disclaimers are getting annoying now.

I don't have a tablet and don't want one either. I have my own pc and my laptop and that's it. Soon the tablets will get more and more like laptops so what is the use? Just give the laptop some special options


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Nov 12, 2007
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I personally quite like them! But, I only really like the cheaper-model versions. A tablet, as it stands, will not take-over PC's, no matter what people say; people like to say "But tablet's will evolve and become better!" And, what, in the meantime laptops and desktops are going to sit and do nothing? No, that's why we now have the ultrabook, and more.

But a tablet is great in certain situations. If I'm at home, I use my PC. If I'll be on the train or on a long journey, or I know I'll be sat down somewhere, I use my laptop. If I'll be out and about and only sat down somewhere without a bench or anything, and want to keep it light, I use my Nexus 7. It's really handy.

So I like them. But, they're not the future as people have been saying. I know people say you can plug in a keyboard and plug-in a mouse but, if I'm carrying those around I may as well just take a laptop. :P


Jul 1, 2012
To be honest I like them and at the same time I don't...

I've had so many problems with PCs/Laptops, that to be honest, I gave up on them and bought myself a nice Samsung Tablet. I've heard a couple of friends who have had problems with the ipad so I decided to go with Samsung. In my opinion, I think it's very efficient, the features and the quality of the screen is great however I have noticed some problems. Downloads seem to break, typing can be really and I mean really annoying and you have to keep clearing web history in order to run at a good speed.

Overall it's pretty handy but I'd only recommend it for a person who's looking for something in between a smartphone and a laptop, otherwise get the former. To be honest I'm fine with mine but it can be limited in so many ways, I guess it depends on what some is essentially looking for.
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May 22, 2013
I'd like them if Wacom worked together with someone and made a nice tablet computer. As of now, not interested. I always fear that I'll spill something on the screen or that it will break or something. It's not like I need another device anyways, I already have a smartphone, that's tablet-like enough for me!

Now, if my laptop came with a touchscreen, that would be nice... Especially if I could turn it off when it was convenient...


Sep 19, 2011
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Well people are plastic barbie dolls if they don't think tablets can be useful, I like watching movies in my bed you see, it's just I enjoy laying in the comfort of my own sweat, I like to also browse ZD in my bed bare chested eating crisps and having the crums fall into my bellybutton. Now I could use a laptop BUT it has ONE major disadvantage, A laptop will make your private parts sterile, I only recently found out from Chameleon aka Drum(for shame young man) but regardless this is a huge problem, with tablets I can hold it away from those parts. This is the only reason to get a tablet.


Jan 26, 2013
I like tablets a lot, even the high end ones(read Nexus 10), however as many people have said, there is no way that they will take over the desktop/laptop market.

I feel this way because,
1. Games are really limited on tablets
2. Would you rather write a paper on a Desktop(or laptop), or use a touch screen keyboard on a tablet?
3. Yes there are attachable keyboards, but if you get one of those then your tablet essentially becomes a laptop.
4. Coding is a big one here, and I feel that desktops will stick around for this purpose.

However tablets are great for several things including;
1. Watching movies everywhere.
2. Amazing battery life, I know this is because of the trade-off in power(and the fact that ARM CPUs are more power efficient), but it is still nice .
3. Just plain portability, I can carry around my N7 anywhere just as easily as I could carry a book, thus allowing me to check on my forums, email, ZD, ZU, HC, G+, and other such things.

However that is just my opinion, and could be considered wrong.


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Jun 18, 2011
I have no problem with them whatsoever, they definitely have their uses, especially for recreational purposes. I enjoy my ipod and if I could afford to get myself an ipad, I would, but mainly for gaming, light webbrowsing, watching videos, etc.

But I would never be able to JUST use a tablet computer, because a lot of the things I love doing on a computer is either not possible or not as efficient to do on a tablet. I do video editing, photo editing, I write stories (doable on a tablet, but less efficient than utilizing a standard keyboard), program websites, etc.

So as an additional tool meant more for recreational purposes, sure, I love tablets and their uses. But for the rest I need a more traditional form of computer.


May 18, 2013
I honestly don't care for the too much, thier existance don't bother me(excpet when my brother needs help figuring out stuff:dry:).


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Dec 17, 2011
I personally like them. Convenience is important with today's business world. Aside from having fun games and useful apps, the ability to tote one around without the hassle of a laptop is nice. They're also very good for small work spaces. The addons for them are nice too, like the scanner that is the size of a hairbrush or car chargers and aux ports. Really, a tablet provides all the power necessary for work... the power you get from a laptop isn't necessary for the majority of people, I think. Not to mention, GPS is a huge help too.

That's just from a business standpoint though. The entertainment benefits make them all the more useful. Read or watch a movie in bed, at the airport, on the bus, at lunch, etc. Play games, browse the web even if there isn't any wifi. You can also use them as a second monitor for your RPGS or even as a tablet for art programs. Since I got my new stylus, I haven't drawn on my desktop version of PhotoShop.

It took me just two minutes to sketch this: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BAiqhBSCMAEsmnE.jpg
And it took me a half-our to do this: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BIWkz4lCEAEqEK7.jpg

Using a laptop or desktop and fumbling with the keyboard and mouse would have taken me ages. So it all comes down to ease of use and convenience. When you're away from the computer, you probably don't need powerful hardware and software anyway, so the comparisons between a laptop and a tablet are kind of useless IMO. At least they are for me.

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Jul 17, 2012
I can see them for some limited uses, but I prefer actual tablet computers, not Ipads or other pads.

The ones that have the swiveling touch screen, perfect for any one who wants to do art and other such, but still provides the keyboard and all the functionality of a full pc.

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Dec 2, 2012
I like tablets, but I find laptops to be much more useful. Laptops can close, meaning the screen is less susceptible to damage, and it is also much easier to type on a keyboard than a touch screen. Plus, tablets are awkward to hold, while you can set laptops on your lap comfortably. Tablets are mostly useful for on the road stuff, when you don't want to pull out a laptop.

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Feb 11, 2012
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I feel like tablets are good when you are using them to do something you couldn't with a laptop or a desktop. But if I'm just derpin' around the forums, I would much rather use a regular old computer. Actually, I would prefer a desktop, but I'm stuck with my laptop.

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