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What are your hobbies?


~ It's me, Dio!~
Jul 6, 2011
Absolute unit
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? What are your hobbies? What got you into then and why do you love doing what you do. Here is the official thread for talking about your hobbies.


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Jun 15, 2012
London, United Kingdom
I don't really have 'hobbies' because I'm not a kid and that word puts me in mind of things involving cutting, sticking and glitter lol but I read and write and I listen to a lot of music

Goddess Hylia

Divinity of Hyrule
Feb 28, 2015
Skyview Temple
I have plenty of hobbies! Amateur photography, TCG collecting, vintage items collecting, polaroid photography, books, blogging, gaming, mineral collecting, outdoor activities, etc. I could go on forever :kikwi: I really like filling my life with interesting things to do.


Not all those who wander are lost...
Oct 8, 2011
40 lights off the Galactic Rim
1.) Science. Mostly the natural sciences like physics, astronomy, geology, and biology but also the social sciences like psychology, sociology, anthropology, and human geography. Some other things I list below are sciences too, but I separate them for convenience. But out of all the sciences, my biggest passions are astrophysics, cosmology, and theoretical physics. Evolutionary biology is another natural science that I have enormous interest in.

2.) Technology and Futurism. Quite simply, I like studying the history and future of technology and its impact on human biological and social evolution. I also like to apply these things hypothetically to potential non-human life forms elsewhere in the universe.

3.) History. Especially through a materialistic lens. I most enjoy general world history, East Asian history, African history, history of war, the history of radical politics, and the history of language.

4.) Philosophy. Mainly metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics & economics, logic, aesthetics, and meaning and value. Primary areas of interest for me include philosophy of science, consciousness, objective reality, empiricism and rationalism, moral universalism, theism and atheism, Left-libertarianism, Marxism, Anarchism, and issues surrounding the meaning of life and our place in the cosmos.

5.) Speculative fiction, gaming, and geek culture. Epic/high fantasy and space opera/hard science fiction novels and TV shows and movies. Comic books, superheroes, and some anime/manga. Tabletop gaming, especially RPGs like D&D. Video gaming.

6.) Linguistics. The last year or so I've been on a huge linguistics kick. Phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, writing systems, historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, dialectology, psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics, philology, second language acquisition, general study of and learning how to use world languages, conlanging. I can't get enough of it.

7.) Chess. The most incredible logic puzzle in game form I've ever encountered. I'm big into the chess subculture as well.

8.) Writing and worldbuilding. I love creating worlds and cultures and histories and writing stories set in these worlds.

9.) Reading. I'm always reading something. I mainly read speculative fiction like I mentioned above as well as nonfiction on a variety of topics.

10.) Martial arts. I'm a big martial arts buff and love everything from HBO boxing and the UFC to Bruce Lee and Huo Yuanjia. I especially like studying the history and variety of martial arts around the world as well as the evolution of style and combat philosophy from ancient to contemporary.

11.) Music. Electronic music (Chillstep, unique EDM, House, Synthpop), Blues, Jazz and smooth Jazz, Classical (Western and East Asian), video game music, soft rock, hard rock, 90s pop, hip hop (both intellectual rap and goofy nonsense rap), and political and counter-cultural music are my general favorites. I also play the guitar and love creating my own Blues stuff. I'd love to learn Spanish classical guitar someday.
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Jun 18, 2011
Well, I have my boardgame club that I go to once a week when I'm not working a late shift, and the occasional weekend. I also tend to invite friends over for gaming ever so often. That hobby started out as mainly a social venue, a way to get to meet new people who had similar interests, and I was also curious what games were out there. I got hooked pretty quickly and have started my own collection of games, loving every minute of it.

I devote a lot of time to my fandoms, whether it's watching shows, reading fanfiction, watching fanvideos, discussing things online. Occasionally I also write and make my own videos, and sometimes I draw and do other artistic fandom-related things. I've been doing that for many years now, just changing/adding fandoms along the way. I get really into the characters, following their journey through the years, and I cannot imagine just watching a show and then just go on with my life, that just doesn't make sense to me, lol.

And of course I play videogames. But that's a given since I'm a member of this site, lol. And I've been doing that since I was a little kid, and it just stuck with me as I grew up and followed me into adulthood. I love gaming because it's fun, it's entertaining and I like exploring the worlds.
Feb 18, 2015
Well since I'm pretty new here, I figure this will be a good place to post since it'll let y'all get to know me better.

Of course one of my biggest hobbies is gaming, which I'm assuming should be pretty obvious. I've been playing video games ever since I was just a wee lad and I got my first gaming console (a Nintendo 64) for Christmas. Gaming offers me a fun escape from reality, beautiful worlds to explore and fantastic stories to experience. Not to mention playing games with friends is always a good time.

I play guitar as well. I've been taking lessons in classical guitar since I was six and have just recently started to teach myself electric. On the topic of music, I love listening to all sorts of genres, especially metal, rock, and alternative.

I'm also into weightlifting. I only started this a few years ago, but it's a good way for me to work off steam and improve my confidence. Of course, it's also got health benefits which is a plus. I've really come to love the gym because it allows me not only to challenge myself and push myself to new limits, but it's also a good place to mull things over in my head.

Lastly, though I'm not sure if this is a hobby, I love to be with my friends. They offer me great support and I can always talk to one of them if I'm feeling down.
Jul 11, 2014
The Lost Woods
My biggest hobbies are:

1) Reading. All day every day! Or ya know, at least during my lunch break so I don't go mad. And I read everything!

2) Video Games. Which, hi, I'm Naruko and I'm posting on a video game forum! Ask me about my favorite non-LoZ games!

3) Screwing around online. Because that's where all the fanfiction is, unless it's in my head. Also, don't daydream about fanfiction during the boring parts of work, all you'll do is hope the blush isn't too obvious.

4) Cooking and baking. Love to bake and/or cook. Because like the billboard/spice jar/crazy lady on that one forum says, "If you love people, feed them good food."

5) Crafting. I love making homemade cards and homemade papercraft stuff. It feels so much more personal. Also, I'm crap at writing in cards, so I make my own to express how I feel. I also used to cross-stitch and kind of want to do it more often.

6) Yoga and rugby and other ways to stay active. I don't have the temperament for jogging (I get so so bored so so fast), so playing sports like rugby gives me something else to focus on. Yoga makes me fall over less, which is always a huge plus when you're so klutzy you fall up stairs and put holes in the wall with your face.

7) Coloring! Love coloring, don't do it often.
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embrace the brand new day
Oct 23, 2012
1. Mafia/Town of Salem
2. Games (usually 3DS games)
3. Housekeeping (cooking, cleaning)
4. Working out (at the gym or using P90X videos)
5. Internet (forums, reddit)
6. Watching a select few TV shows


~ It's me, Dio!~
Jul 6, 2011
Absolute unit
Not necessarily in order of favouritism just a numbered list:

1)Gaming- I have been gaming since I was four. I saw my cousin playing OOT and Banjo Kazooie. I thought they were amazing, seeing him fight Ganondorf and how much fun it looked made me desperate to get a console of my own. That Christmas I got my wish. I have been gaming ever since. I'm mainly an Xbox man these days but I still love my Zelda and purchase Nintendo consoles just for that.

2)Bodybuilding-I've done various sports in my time, martial arts, fencing, archery. I stepped in a weights gym for the first time when I was around 15 and I have been lifting ever since. I eat about 5 meals a day to fuel myself but its no chore, I am a big lover of food.

3)Tea Drinking- There are few things more relaxing (that aren't smoked anyway) than tea drinking. I tend to go for Matcha tea which is a powdered form of green tea, often drank at business meetings and ceremonies in Japan. It has a smoother taste than regular green tea and at home this is my favourite choice. I am also a lover of rosebud tea and earl grey.

4)Music- I play the piano and have a music production synthesizer. It can produce the sound of most instruments and it would be hard for a listener to tell the difference in a lot of cases. I really enjoy producing orchestral and soundtrack music as well as electronic music such as dubstep. Though it is always nice to relax and play tunes with a simple piano sound.

5)Anime- I love watching anime. I got into it when I was about 18 years old when a friend introduced me. I have been watching ever since. I enjoy a wide variety of anime. Some of my favourites are Mirai Nikki, Death note, Highschool DXD and Elfen Lied.

That's about it for hobbies, I don't really have time for anything else. I paint and draw occasionally and do the occasional project. I made a full sized Dalek from fibreglass and wood one year. I enjoy doing things that are creative and I'll probably get to work on a cosplay nearer to summer.
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Feb 23, 2011
I don't really have any hobbies. Some of my old "hobbies" were reading, writing, drawing, practicing MMA (what a joke), and playing videogames, but I very seldom do these things on my down time, if at all (stopped MMA, like, 6 years ago). Heck, I don't do anything as much as I used to. Oh wait, there's working; I work a lot. Oh, and sleep. So my hobbies are working and sleeping.


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Dec 17, 2011
Zelda & sleep are my fav hobbies.

I've been trying to branch out and I dabble in drawing and learning instruments, but I don't know if if consider them hobbies... More like, things I do because I want to do everything.

So.... Zelda & sleep. And other video games.


The Geekette
Nov 25, 2007
I've been crocheting since middle school. It's a hobby that really means a lot to me, considering I am the only great great granddaughter that knows how to crochet.

Sprite art is my most recent artistic hobby. I've been doing it for ~2 years. I use perler beads to recreate or design my own sprites. It can be tedious, but the finished piece always makes it worth the time.

I play and collect games, consoles, and merch (mostly plushies). Aside from those hobbies, I do yoga, bike, hike, and kayak. I haven't had the opportunity to stargaze since light pollution is horrendous in a college town, but hopefully that'll change after graduation. ♡


Jul 1, 2012
Sports - Tennis and Golf mainly. Football used to be the main one, but I stopped playing a few years ago.

Bodybuilding - Something I've always been interested in, but it was only when I was 18 that I decided to fully dedicate to it. 2 years later and I'm never looking back.

Gaming - Not as big of a hobby as it was a few years ago, but I'm still a big fan. There are select few games in which I'm still very dedicated to.

Music - I listen to music almost all the time. Whether it's to suit a mood, cheer me up, or whether I'm just enjoying it. I love seeing the deep meaning behind lyrics, listening to an album for a few hours and analysing it, discovering new artists, and sometimes writing lyrics myself. I love it.

Alcohol - N/A

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