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What Are You Talented At?


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Jun 15, 2010
I'm talented at doing nothing.

(But my one true talent is writing. I'm pretty good at other things as well, but writing is really the only thing I'll call myself "talented" in.)

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I'm an extremely talented liar, which is a talent I don't think is good but love that I have it. Almost every free period during school, I go to some friend of mine's class and make up some excuse so we can just do nothing for 40 min. It works surprisingly well if you use a teacher only once a month.

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Aug 6, 2011
Take a guess.
Um... playing Zelda? ^^

Well, besides that, I play piano and harp. I have some videos on my YouTube channel of me playing Zelda songs. I also love to write fiction, and I'm pretty good at editing things.


Nov 21, 2010
You know I am very hard on myself so I can't really think of anything that I can do that well. I can draw a little and I like to write little stories. I can knit...a bit.


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Jul 6, 2011
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I'm good at playing the piano, I'm physically strong. I'm good at Soul Calibur and I'm good at destroying Xbox controllers in the rare event that I lose and I'm pretty good at games in genera. I'm also a pretty good actor and liar.
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I have an aptitude for learning foreign languages as well as an acute memory. The two greatly reinforce each other. I can write and speak English, Polish, and Spanish with high fluency. This is partially due to the words flowing through my mind. Even when I believe I've forgotten a particular term, it floats back into consciousness. I am considering tackling French and Italian next prior to some oriental dialects.


music innit.
I play guitar in a band, and make electronic music as well - its my main way I spend my time.
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Well, I can draw? I wasn't really a natural talented at first, it's very much something that came with a lot of time and practice. So I don't know if that counts.

I also tend to have a pretty good memory. Most of the time I'll remember very obscure details about events that happened a long time ago, and I seem to be the only one who remembers them.

Most recently I've developed a love for DIY projects. <: For the last 5 years or so, my family has been struggling financially. We have a house to take care of, but none of us really knew how to fix things that were beginning to become an issue and didn't have the money to heir a handy man to do it for us. Learning to do things you once felt you couldn't, or use to need help doing was actually a very liberating experience. It also made me realize that we could fix something for a mere $2 (price of a part) rather than a bank-breaking $75 (Price of the part + labor).

Some of the projects I've done in the past few years: learn how to remove and install blinds, stain a fence, replace a part and fix a kitchen faucet, learn the importance of capping the ice maker line if your not using it, dealing with a flea infestation, paint two rooms (actually much harder than I was expecting..), fix two screen doors and a sliding glass door, learn how to clean an irrigation pump, clean our outdoor sprinkler heads, and replace the entire sprinkler head when the darn lawnmower ate it up. Plus more I can't think of right now, but those were the most memorable for sure. 8D;

I've also had to learn how to take care of our giant yard that had been neglected for 4 years or so, but I now LOVE working out in the yard and gardening. This one is a bit challenging, because how productive I can be is really dependent on allergen levels. ): However, the times I can work out there is incredibly enjoyable and therapeutic, and we are slowly getting it back to how it was before it stopped getting paid attention to.

One thing I have NO talent for is growing grass, apparently. >:

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