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What Are You Expecting From The Music?

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The first HW game came with a lot of action-packed rock remixes of classic songs, complete with sick guitar riffs that get the blood pumping. Are you expecting BotW's music to get the same treatment for AoC? In the trailer, we already have a more action-packed remix of the main theme to treat our ears too, and it's really killer, But, it's also not a rock remix. It's an intense orchestration. Is that what you want to hear, or do you wanna hear more head-banging rock?

Personally, I think I'd be fine with either, but I want to hear more intense orchestrations like in the trailer. BotW's soundtrack was phenomenal and full of beautiful orchestrations, so I think a game set in this world should stick with that kind of music. There's no rule that classical types of music can't be intense and invigorating, and we know from the Divine Beast battles especially that Manaka Kataoka can do some killer stuff with the instruments used in the game. I really want to hear more of that in AoC.

What about you guys? Are you looking forward to more Warriors-style rock, or do you want them to keep the same musical themes from BotW?
Well BotW didn't have much music to begin with. I did really like the HW hair metal versions of classic tracks, it's a highlight of any Warriors spin off.

I think with AoC being so authentic that it won't stray too far away from what we heard in BotW, there will be a few more guitars though, that's for sure.


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When I’m hacking my way through wave after wave of enemies, I want banging rock/metal tracks to be playing. It gets the blood pumping in a way that strings or less intense songs don’t. A metal version of the BotW main theme? Yes, please. And they could incorporate or remix some other Zelda tracks to fit the tone of the game since there’s isn’t much music from BotW to take from that would fit a Warriors game.

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