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What Are Some New Gameplay Mechanics You'd Like to See in Tears of the Kingdom?

Mikey the Moblin

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Aug 31, 2014
southworst united states
I've been seeing people bring up the double clawshots. I've heard that early in BotW's development they were experimenting with the double clawshots, but they decided to get rid of them because they made Link way too mobile. It sounds like they would have been very different from past versions of the item, and it could be cool to bring them back for Tears of the Kingdom.
the worst parts of botw were intentional :V


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Nov 17, 2011
The Makai
Why are there so many recommendations to turn botw into a life sim all of a sudden
I know this particular post was a while ago, but since there are so many farm sims coming to the switch, apparently there was very much a market for it.

As for what I want? A bit more direction on where to go. I am not a person who does well with visual cues so trying to match pictures to the actual land, even after already having nearly 200hrs in game didn’t work for me. I struggled to finish the main quest story without a walkthrough. I need characters to literally tell me or at least hint at where I need to go (painter guy was very unhelpful for me too). I’m not saying I want Fi levels of support, but other games mention through cutscenes and dialogue areas and places you should be heading to next and I want more of that as a mechanic and less “open world” as I don’t get on very well with ungated world exploration.


Oct 19, 2021
The Silent Realm
I would like to see us able to craft and repair our weapons, shields, and bows.

We already gather resources and mine away at deposits to get some minerals and such. Why not add in some ores to the mix?
I could see each town having a blacksmith with every stable having a traveling blacksmith. Then we can spend rupees and the necessary ores to repair our favorite weapons (especially Amiibo gear) and possibly even apply upgrades such as the perk modifiers or even upgrade the weapons base stats.

It would also be a great way to make use of the "lower level" weapon/bow/shield 3D models.
After all, in BotW as you level up via the hidden-exp system, you stop seeing many of the weapons. For example in my current playthrough, most of my weapons are the Royal Guard versions of weapons, with the exception of my Amiibo weapons and Kilton's goofy hammer.
With the inclusion of a Blacksmith, you could have them smith you some weapons/bows/shields that are leveled to your stats.
Want to have a Knight's Broadsword because you want to cosplay in the Hylian Knight armor?
Well now it isn't a detriment to your offensive capabilities by having a Blacksmith craft a Knight's Broadsword with 65 damage!


ANOTHER great thing to add to Tears of the Kingdom would be the cut elemental class from Breath of the Wild.
You know that one Yiga greatsword weapon that let out a gust of wind, the Windcleaver ?
Well, fun fact, that is one of the only weapons of its class that is from the mostly-cut weapons class known as "Gale".
Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Gale.

Gale includes the Windcleaver, Deku Leaf, and the Boomerang type weapons. But it was supposed to be so much more.
Gale Arrows are a prime example, being a ranged weapon that did impact damage but also knocked surrounding enemies off their feet if they were small enough.

A "Gale Rod" would've been interesting to see implemented if that was even supposed to be a thing, with a "Hurricane Rod" being an upgraded version similar to how the Fire Rod has the Meteor Rod.
Perhaps a Windcutter being a one-handed version of the Windcleaver?
A Typhoon Shield allowing you to knock-back a group of enemies with a single parry attack?
Perhaps the Toon Link Amiibo could gift you the "Gust Jar" from The Minish Cap, Twilight Princess Link's Amiibo gifting you the "Gale Boomerang", and Skyward Sword Link's Amiibo gifting players the "Gust Bellows"?
All of which being able to push a raft with their wind powers while having combat capabilities so you don't have to just carry a leaf in your inventory.

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