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What Are Rupees Made Of


And now.. That imp has it
Nov 4, 2013
I always thought it was some kind of glass, concidering how easy they are to smash and how they explode in tiny little pieces. The reason I always thought this was because of the shooting range in OoT with the slingshot and bow. However, it would be very logical if that dude used fake rupees, otherwise his business would go bankrupt after a few visits, considering it only costs you 20 rupees to play :P

Mar 13, 2014
United States
Since the LoZ universe doesn't actually exist. I always have believed that rupees are made of a material that could not exist or has not been discovered yet. But we can determine that the material that rupees are made out of is very breakable. But we can't necessarily call it a crystal or glass. Since the color of a rupee seems opaque, meaning the color of a rupee may be dyed or painted.


The Emperor
Apr 29, 2010
It is implied rupees have sorta always existed. They have magical powers in them too, depending on who uses them it could bring about great "good" or "evil".....
Oct 25, 2016
I think Tingle is the person to ask about this. If anybody would know, it's him. The way he's so obsessed with them.

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