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What Annoyed You Today?


Braava Braava
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Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
Everytime the last few days i've gone to cook, my foods either under or over cooked, the damn time for is right off, as i leave it in for half hour and boom undercooked, half hour next day overcooked.


passionate open autistic european female
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Apr 7, 2019
Which ones got you?
It's just that, when I booted this game up I was all set for adventure. The world is so lush and inviting and I was so ready to explore, and did so wondrously and awestruck for the first hour, really delving head-first into the familiar rhythm of the lock-and-key approach to the game design, finding the map gradually opening up and unfold before my eyes.

I racked up 200 rupees and bought myself a Piece of heart. I play hero mode! A hero needs their hearts! When I entered the quest of the golden leaves however, I was required a shovel, which also goes for 200, which I of course did not have, and all of a sudden I was left at the mercy of cutting grass and finding a cave or two.

It just pulled me out of the magic completely and it was jarring as heck. All of a sudden the game moved from wondrous adventure to an annoying set of obstacles where traversal became tedious and collecting rupees a boring chore. The sense of adventure came to a grinding halt.


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Aug 16, 2019
ppl dishing out spoilers, duh.
I didn't get annoyed tha much but it was insensitive though.

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