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What Annoyed You Today?

Jun 12, 2018
Lateness without letting me know, or cancelling at the last minute without a good excuse.


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Jun 22, 2016
Neighbours mowing, Wimbledon and the football taking over every stupid tv channel!!!


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Nov 29, 2011

This! This annoyed me today! **** you Square!

Let's rewind. FF as a series doesn't mean that much to me. I never owned a PS1 so i played most single digit FF games after I'd played X and XIII.

However, i remember seeing a trailer on tv for FF8 and Rinoa struck a chord with me and became the first female i was ever attracted to. Her physical make up is what I've come to find attractive in other women; dark hair, pale skin and a cute overtone... she meant a lot to me growing up and FF8 was a game i made damn sure i played when I got the chance. When I did I ended up loving her more.

Her personality was what I'd expected and she got me through FF8. I suck at RPGs and FF8 is still only one of the few i've ever completed.

I've waited years for Rinoa to come back into my life.

FF8-2? No.
FF8 remake? No.
Rinoa in Dissidia? No.
Rinoa in Dissida 012? No.

Rinoa in Dissidia NT? YES!

But here's the problem; Dissidia NT ****ing suuuuuucks. And she is part of the season pass! Money on top of money!

So close yet so far. Screw you Square!


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Mar 17, 2012
Liverpool, England
An hour and a half into a REmake run and I get killed by Plant 42 because I forgot grenade rounds arc, meaning you miss your shot if you're too far away. Out of ammo, out of options, out of MY MIND :mad:
Aug 15, 2017
Is that why Claire was trying to so hard to be Ada at the end of Revelations 2?
They really don't look alike? That or that was someone's attempt to reference Ada since she wasn't in the game. Speaking of which, how many games has Ada been a main character in?

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