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Were We Fooled with Our Timelines?

Sep 3, 2011
I've read that Mr.Miomoto said "The Legend of Zelda is done in its present form", that sounds to me like he meant that Twilight Princess and Wind Waker take part of the present leaving a little chain of 2-3 games afterwards. What i'm getting at, is that Mr.Miomoto and Anouma could of looked at our timelines, and really wanted to surprise us when we look at the timeline document :P, so that we say the timelines probably
so they say TP goes after a bunch of the other games making us less intellegent then them, what do you think :hmm:
Aug 17, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
It wouldn't terribly surprise me if we are all way off and the official timeline requires a bunch of non-game events to comprehend.

However i either hope that's not true or that they make the games to divulge that information.

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