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Ocarina of Time Weird Post

Mar 13, 2011
so are the links in different zeldas decendants of the original link or grand kids or are they children or just the next in line....i wonder because it never tells you if link has kids...and he only grows up in one game and its the oot....why dont him and zelda have children they could make a game where they have intercourse then ganon steals the baby and link has to once again save the lil princess but idk just a thought if you have any comments for a game like this or maybe another story then well comment


I never thought of Link having decendants; the heroes in the Zelda games were just random Links. Then I talked about it with a friend last night and I thought that maybe Link does have decendants. I see this especially in the OoT-WW-ST timeline. But I'm still not sure...

@Link1017-I think that the last bit in your post would be a weird plot for Zelda and maybe a little too graphic. But whatever floats your boat! :P
Mar 13, 2011
no i dont mean actually show anything to many kids play zelda but that could be like the very beginning of a game where they show link and zelda then bam ganon steals the lil zelda and so the game starts....but i do think he has decendants it shows alot in the toon zeldas ph st and ww (i dont really see it in oot) but even in tp it shows up a lil bit...and i actually think the new zelda for wii ss will show alot about where link zelda and the master sword all came from

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