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[Weird, Embarrassing, Interesting] Phases You've Gone Through in Life



Welcome indeed. Don't mean to be an ass, but you don't happen to be a smurf of Dan? :P If not, you two could be longlost brothers judging by that post. ^^
XD Thanks. And Wow. You know, I always did think I might have a long lost sibling... but little girls are like that. PFFT. ALL kids are like that. Unless it was just me, then we got some issues. Jk. XD Anyway, thanks again, man!


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Dec 3, 2014
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I was obsessed with Dragonball Z and Yu Gi Oh! to the point where I wrote a fanfic in which me and Trunks saved the world from Majin Cell with the help of the Blues Eyes White Dragon that I had borrowed from my brother Seto Kaiba. Trunks and I then got married at the end of the fanfic. I straight up thought I was Tolkien levels of writing skill as I obsessed over this fanfic for months, pouring hours and hours of planning and creativity into it. I felt this was the only creative outlet I had and no one could ever understand my genius.


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Jul 6, 2011
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When I was young probably 4-5ish I used to love witches and I would dress as one for Halloween. Being a male that is kind of interesting I guess.
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Nov 29, 2008
There's only one that really comes to mind as a "what was I thinking" kind of thing. I don't even remember when exactly this was, but there was about a two-year period where I exclusively wore windpants (variation of sweatpants made of polyester or nylon intended to protect against the cold), instead of anything else you might wear on your legs. I refused to wear jeans. I remember claiming that they were itchy (they weren't). And I just wore the windpants in all circumstances wherever I went. School, wherever. I have absolutely no idea why I stopped. But I'm glad I did. I just wear jeans now. But so do most people and they are practical for me. And they go with any shirt.


Feb 14, 2016
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Oh man, phases and me...

Well, when I was young like 1-5 I maintained two obvious phases. The first was my "Lion King" phase. I owned pretty much all the merch possible, had a bed spread, had the computer games, had all the action figures, and I watched it pretty much every day. This was the strongest expression of what could be considered my disney phase which lasted until I was about 10.

The other phase was the horses phase...I haven't really outgrown it, I just no longer find playing with plastic horses nearly as fun. (Please note, that is not to say I don't still derive some pleasure from this activity.) My grandfather built me a really nice small wooden stable to play with, I still own an obnoxious amount of stuffed and/or plastic horses. I read only books about horses, took riding lessons, and just generally still have an obnoxious level of knowledge about horses.

From 5-10 I didn't really have any particular phases other than I seem to recall feeling that the only proper color for me to wear was hot pink/ rose red. Cannot explain it, but I remember that happening and my mother encouraging this deranged belief.

Around ten I decided that I was going to be a chef and so I spent a lot of time reading cook books and cooking. Although that desire did eventually fade around the time I became a teenager, I still retain the skills she developed making me quite good at cooking and I still enjoy it as a hobby to this day.

Also around ten, I kinda started my tomboy phase which was essentially made up of wearing a backwards hat, jeans, and only playing with boys. (The latter was caused by me moving away from my two childhood girlfriends and there being no girls in my neighborhood.) This carried on well into my teenage years and a common mode of dress for me was wearing a sundress with jeans on underneath and a backwards hat. (I also had hair down to the small of my back so...kinda sending mixed messages there).

In my teenage years I wouldn't say I really had very recognizable phases. The only things which come to mind were wearing fingerless gloves and wearing tights with high boots and shorts in winter...but I still do that so I don't really see that as a phase. I feel like I was a strangely stable teenager in the sense that I think by then I'd figured out I was going to be a nerdy bookworm who was a huge gamer and geek.

Around my first year of college, I got heavy into the punk and emo scene which led me to developing an interest in hair. Over a year and a half I did every hair colour found in the rainbow and nature. I also learned to cut, style, dye, and bleach hair using youtube, the internet, and my own head for practice and education. I still cut the hair for pretty much everyone in my family and I'm quite good at it. The punk style of dress has pretty much stuck although I've since combined it with some bohemian and 1950s fashion to reach what I consider to be "my look".

I guess the cool thing about my phases is that none of them ever truly died out and in many cases led to me developing useful lifelong skills.
Dec 16, 2014
Milwaukee WI
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I had a forum wife who I used to webcam with. I was 18, she was 14.... yeah. I try to forget.

*edit before I get flamed*

nothing ever happened and I am 32 now so this was 14 years ago.

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I was a weeaboo.

An EXTREME weeaboo.

*hides in shame*


I used to wear as much candi as I possibly could, and I would tease my hair, and put on a butt load of eyeliner... I have no idea how I had friends back then.


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Oct 23, 2012
When I was maybe 6-7 I thought I could be super intimidating by slipping my retainer between my teeth and looking like "alien" from the Alien movies. Needless to say I didn't have too many friends around that time of my life.


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Oct 13, 2016
My whole life has been made up of phases that I've gone in and out of with varying intensity. I feel like when I become interested in anything I focus on it very intensely for a period of time and then once I've worn it out I move on to the next thing.

So like I've had several Pokémon phases. I've had action figure phases. I've had different music phases regarding one specific artist.

In terms of like overall 'lifestyle' phases I had a phase in high school where I was a militant vegetarian like PETA status (which I now cringe thinking about).

And also in high school I went through a pretty intense emo phase - but I was at least legitimately interested in those bands and still listen to most of them. Some of my favorite times were at those concerts and festivals (Bamboozle, Warped) and a lot of those emo songs bring back a lot of awesome memories.


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May 21, 2016
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I had a dubstep phase where it's all I tried to listen to and talked about it a lot. That was back in 2013, and at this point I think dubstep is the worst form of music in existence. Legitimate hatred for it. And at the same time I went through a creepypasta phase... hoo man. Other than that I haven't really had phases, just times where I interacted with a fandom until it became unenjoyable anymore. Like FNAF in freshman year and Undertale last year, I don't call them phases because I don't regret being involved in it.

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