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Weird/embarrasing Thing You Like to Do?

Feb 23, 2011
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  1. I'm incessantly moving my hands.
  2. I'm a neat freak, so I'm constantly rearranging and organizing things in some kind of order everywhere I go; sometimes in alphabetical, numerical, alphanumerical, or by color.
  3. While I'm gaming, I sit in a fetal position, and hold the game controller behind my head. When I play Wii games, I always sit down.
  4. When I sit in a room with doors, all doors must be closed, or I freak out. So, well, I always get up to close every door I possibly can.
  5. I doodle or draw elaborate patterns and abstract things on any kind of paper that is available at a given time. [i.e. mailing envelopes, napkins, toilet paper, etc.]
  6. I make the most hideous faces in the bathroom mirror. I can't help myself.
  7. I always have the intense urge to count things. Most times I count the oddest of things.
  8. I drag my feet when I walk.
  9. I always have a deadpan expression when I talk, and my lips barely move, so it appears I'm emotionless. I often use emoticons (smileys) while online to try to show emotion, because I suck at it.
  10. I raise or lower the volume on the TV in increments of five. I do a similar thing when it comes to using microwaves, thermostats, etc.
  11. I whistle a lot. Oftentimes, entire songs.
  12. I'm extremely introverted and quiet in real life, so I've learned to "speak with my eyes."
  13. I always lean and prop myself up against things.

That's about it. Well, all I can think of at the moment. :yes:
Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
1. I always find my self drumming with my hands on tables and desks.
2. I tend to zone out even when someone is screaming at me.
3. I drew a picture of my friend if he was a Pikachu. When he didn't know I was drawing him.
4. I always frown when I get my picture taken.

That's about it.
Aug 29, 2011
Portland, OR
My hair gets messed up really easily, and I carry a comb in my pocket whenever I go out. I feel like that's a weird thing for a guy to do. xD

I do the bathroom-mirror thing as well, Wolf Sage! Haha, sometimes I'm just like, "I wonder what the most messed-up expression I can have looks like..." and I just take it from there.

Whenever I get a text message, I typically make a conscious effort not to reply right away so it looks like I'm busier than I am. >.>

I'm normally pretty well-mannered and rarely swear, but when I'm alone, I start cussing like crazy if something irritates me in the slightest. And I say some pretty nasty stuff.

My friends have remarked that I'm one of the few people who has this weird ability to be oddly expressive through text. Like, most people, when texting, don't really make an effort to express themselves the way they would if they were, say, speaking. I just naturally end up writing the same way I would speak, and I throw in all sorts of crazy "scenarios" in asteriks. *audience nods in agreement*

That's about all that comes to mind for now.


Snazzy Cat
Jul 25, 2011
a tiny trailer with 7 cats ^_^
1: I'm always chewing on something, usually gum or bottle caps
2: I talk to my cats like they're people
3: When ever I'm buying groceries I'll talk to my self the whole time. Theres a lot of weird stuff i do at the grocery store actually.
4: I'll listen to LPs in the background when I'm doing other things on the computer.
5: When ever I'm eating something tasty I'll post nom nom nom on Facebook
6: Whenever someone I know is pregnant I end up with the cravings
7: I can find almost any baby animal adorable, like baby alligators
Like I said theres alot of weird stuff I do in the grocery store depending on who I'm with or if I'm alone.
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Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Something extremely weird is that I have one of the largest fanmade video game crossover fantasies (that was long...) that I know of. It's all in my head, and I've been doing this since I was like 10.

Another weird thing is I get all of my work done in class for the most part. I am taking two math classes this year and where everyone is struggling to get the quiz done, I am already done with the assignment + the quiz.
Jul 8, 2011
Somewhere in the known universe
I have a few i'll tell.
1. I talk in a English accent when I do something stupid, not on purpose though, it just does that.
2. I chew on lots of stuff like bottle caps, the soda openers, etc.
3. I slap friends for fun but they slap back.
I have some more but that's all i'm sharing.


Oh, Man. I don't know where to begin

-I like to flap my arms
-repeat obsure referances to pop-culture
-ranomly add lyrics to movie, or video game music
-quoting the Princess Bride
-saying random stuff at random times
-I also like to talk to my Dogs, they are some of my best friends to be honest
-I like to have conversations with myself as well, so others here who like to do that are not alone I can assure you
-I also like to argue to myself
-I like to write stuff, and not go back to it for a few months, and then resume or change what I was writing
-I tend to scratch alot, ussually because I'm itchy, I scratch my arms alot though its not always good for me
-I sometiems walk up to a group to try and join and engage some of them in conversation, and then turn around and walk the other way
-I also enjoy speaking in accents, it's fun
-Sometimes I go outside and pretedn I am Link, or a charecter from Chrono Trigger I love to play in my backyard still
-I make strange sound effects for random things, like taking a plate out, and setting it on the table for Dinner
-I tend to put the milk in the bowl first before pouring in the cereal

I am sure there are plenty of other ones, but these are the ones that come to mind to me at the moment


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
-When I have a cold I stick pens up my nose for a slight sensation and to get that snot out !
-Chew on pens till they explode
-Narrate people to speed up conversations

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