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Weird/embarrasing Thing You Like to Do?


Angry Megaman Fan
Jan 24, 2011
Behind you
Well, I discuss videogames, physics, math, computers and loads of other nerdy things all the time with my friends. I also love to play old-school videogames as a preference to first person shooters. Yeah, I'm a nerd.

You're not alone, I also prefer to play old school games rather than current-gen ones, I hate fps to be honest... (maybe that can be considered "weird" since everyone seems to love them...)


May 9, 2010
Uh this gonna be a long list

When i am post to do homework I just dream of Xemnas(Kingdom Hearts boss) and go on the wii
When I am taking a shower I feel like a fool in a pool(xd)
When I am playing on the internet I watch random videos
When I hate doing chores and going to do them I usally lie and say I did it and put crap under my bed and just ignored it
In kingdom hearts when I see Xemnas I say Can you just come out and say GAME OVER FOR YOU and say Well at least you die and WOULD YOU COME BACK TO LIFE PLEASE
When I have a paper on my desk I draw me killing Justin Bieber
When Aubrun wins a Game I say DIE FOR EVER ALABAMA(True)

I think this is my last one because it the list goes one for pages

When I see myself in the mirrio I think theres someone stealing my Identy


- Do Not Eat -
Nov 24, 2010
Well, these aren't terribly strange, but if at school at any time I have a paper with a margin on it, I doodle a lot in those margins. A lot. They're usually filled up when I finish up a paper. (The teachers get annoyed with it.)

I also pace around a lot when I have nothing better to do. I usually only stops when someone yells something like, "Would you please stop walking around!?"

Chilfo Freeze

Emma Jean Stone
Well, here is my list:

- Chew/bite my nails incessantly. Although not when their painted.
- I talk to myself a lot while alone and in public; sometimes even in a British accent. Actually scratch that; most of the time in a British accent.
- I doodle; but only stars. It's like my own hand won't let me draw anything else but stars. In which case, I am really good at drawing stars; I've had the practice.
- I've been really engrossed in Solitaire lately... so much so that I play a game in my head when I can not access an actual game of Solitaire.

EDIT: And just for the record, there IS a possibility of a girl not being a Tom-boy and playing LoZ; me!


Feb 25, 2010
I often post on ZD at school, even though I'm not allowed to. (Haven't been caught yet!)

Aren't I strange?

You are so lucky. They block everything that has to do with gameing. So when in tech class, I can't do anything good when I finsh my work.


Collecting Dust
Sep 27, 2010
Ok, here goes:
When I'm in the shower, I have conversations with myself (mostly in an Irish, Australian, French, Spanish or steriotypical English accent)
If there is a bit of paper and a pen near me, I draw a stupid amount of manga eyes
I pose in the mirror before I have a shower
Geography makes me hungry
I listen to videogame music when doing homework
I hum videogame music when not doing homework
I do maths equations in my head
I randomly do some tae kwon-do moves anyware
I make faces at myself in the mirror
I narrate what I'm doing on a game
I shout at the people in the game
I agree with them and answer the questions they say
And I daydream about people fighting or bad stuff happening to the school so I have to go home!

There's more but I've already written loads...
Dec 11, 2009
I tend to constantly raeg at Call of Duty Modern Warfare when I'm respawned in the middle of the enemies' airstrike. I also raeg at n00btubers.
blackice_cc said:
The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is... well... playing video games. Every now and then I feel sort of ashamed that I'm as in to them as I am.


wait, what?
Mar 18, 2011
well generally i lead a random life, no kidding
-i talk to the game as i'm playing it, like sometime this week (can't remember when) I shouted at toon link in phantom hourglass not to die when he was killed by a Phantom.he died anyway.
-when my friend punched me i honest to god said not ow, but walrus.
-I have an obsesstion with the word omelette
-clouds stalk me
-I have a fear of Lego men
-and I am a man of many talents.I just haven't found them yet.

as you can clearly i penguin am stark raving mad as i live and...umm...something.


Oct 4, 2010
OK, I have a long list, but these are just basic things I like to do:

-If there is something funny or shocking in a book I react to it. -This usually gets me in trouble in Language Arts class.
-Practice folklore dancing. - I have done it for 7 years, but had to quit when I moved to the US. I don't know why it is, but sometimes I would dance a few routines I used to watch and do.
-Get addicted to video games. - Currently I am addicted and am a nerd to Fire Emblem:Radiant Dawn.
-Have random conversations with myself. -I am shy, but a very talkative person, so when there are no people to talk to, I talk with myself.
-I like to stare at people. - I am NOT a stalker, but sometimes it is fun to observe what some people do or react to a situation.
-I like to doubletask. - No comment.


-I absolutely am fascinated by people and their idiosyncrasies. Therefore I greatly enjoy people watching. *This isn't so much weird, yet it is a necessary prelude to my weirdness.* - go you Ghosi, for being a people watcher too!

-Whenever I see a random person who forgot to take their name-tag off from work, I enjoy leading them into a conversation, pretending as if I know them from way back whenever. I will usually carry on with this for approximately 2-5 minutes (depending on how good the conversation is) until I finally let them know why it is they do not recognize me.

-I enjoy waving at people as I'm driving down the street as if I know them, just to see their reactions.

-I work at a major home improvement retailer and they will occasionally post me on the front door as a greeter - which is excruciating for someone with ADHD like myself. When I am greeter, I entertain myself by trying random (yet friendly and professional) greetings and/or responses just to see what kind of reactions I get.

-I will, as a couple posters mentioned earlier, burst into random accents occasionally - Irish, British (3 different varieties), French, German, Australian, and Russian. This is, again, just to see people's reactions - well, I also enjoy accents just because I enjoy accents. (Hmmm... is there some kind of pattern here?)


luke is my wife
Apr 9, 2010
Hmm... This is the internet, so none of you will laugh hysterically at me, will you? :right: Anyway, list:

-I'd rather stay home and play video games, read a book, or watch TV than go out... anywhere.

-When I'm alone, I talk to my dogs like they're human, and actually care about what I'm saying.

-I curse fluently while playing said video games, especially when a particulary frustrating part comes up.

-I eat weird things. Try Doritos on pasta... It's very yummy.

-I do odd things to people, much like Arthurdent_78, just to see how they react.

-(coming from a girl) I think shopping is stupid and would much rather be playing the sport of basketball, soccer, baseball, or football.

-I'm obsessed with baseball. Seriously. The best sport ever.

-I also like to debate mature subjects like politics, scientific whatevers, and other things in my head.

-Erm... I'm also obsessed with Zelda Dung- uh, I mean, Zelda games...


Nine Tailed Hannya.
Feb 25, 2011
Well, I discuss videogames, physics, math, computers and loads of other nerdy things all the time with my friends. I also love to play old-school videogames as a preference to first person shooters. Yeah, I'm a nerd.

Hey I'm like a nerd too haha. Mostly a Zelda nerd though :/
So yes long tory short im a nerd


You're not alone, I also prefer to play old school games rather than current-gen ones, I hate fps to be honest... (maybe that can be considered "weird" since everyone seems to love them...)

Yeah, I agree! The only fps I enjoy are the Metal Gear/007 type, where there's an actual objective to the shooting, with a story line behind it, apart from "capture the flag" or "get the most head shots" =/

And old school games are awesome!

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