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Weather Patterns in Zelda Games?


Jul 1, 2012
So this is a simple thread...

What would you guys think about "weather patterns" becoming a common occurrence in Zelda games?

I have always loved games that integrate weather systems or in game weather events! It's a relatively simple feature but it really does have a big impact on the game...The question is though, would this work in a Zelda game? We know that Zelda games have vast landscapes and province's such as forests, snowy mountain's, volcanoes, lakes, oceans Ect. So if a weather pattern system was used it would have to fit into the theme of the landscape!

Say for example....Within a forest area we could have heavy rain fall, in contrast with bright sun and even to high winds which cause the leaves to fly in Links face! In desert areas there could be sandstorms that effect Links vision and snow storms in the snowy areas. These are just some basic ideas but in my opinion not only will weather effects look amazing but it would give life to the game, especially if they are unpredictable and not scripted!

Tell me your thoughts as well as possible weather patterns or events you would like to see in future Zelda games!


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Aug 29, 2011
Halfway There
I think this would be really cool, and it would work well if the Zelda series reintroduced an x-day cycle. While I don't think that any game should just repeat Majora's Mask's 3-day cycle (just because I don't think they should be blatantly copy anything from previous games, no matter how well it worked, without making it unique-- lets recycle ideas, not reuse mechanics), a, say, 7 day, repeating cycle would make the game a lot more interesting. Going on from that, there was weather in MM-- it rained on the second day. If they could make a week cycle, with time-scheduled events, they could include weather in that too and I think it would make the world more convincing, interesting, and overall cooler.
It'd be a nice addition, particularly unscripted occurrences, perhaps the rain fall is too heavy making a bank difficult to climb, you'd have to utilise you items more effectively and perhaps you have more than one item for the job which could lead to secrets. Snowfall could block your paths and you'd have to search for a way to melt you, or lightning could randomly kill you :P so many possibilities.

One thing is for sure though, some gorgeous weather conditions could make it look incredible <3


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Jan 16, 2013
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This would work well. Oracle of Seasons shows it works as a concept. It just needs to be expanded to encompass all sorts of puzzles. We need new weather patterns, we also need regions to differ in how the weather effects them. Visually this isn't that hard, but it needs real game play to be worthwhile.

Maybe a mountain pass will be blocked with snow, except in the summer. A lake you can't cross until it freezes in the winter (maybe there you could have a rematch with Dark Link). You could bounce off of Deku Flowers that only appear in Spring. You might not be able to use mirrors if a blizzard covers the sun, or they might only function in the bright sun of summer. Chu-Chus or other blob enemies could freeze in winter. A lakebed could dry up in summer.
These are just a fraction of the good ideas I can come up with. Imagine what nintendo could do.

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I don't see it as having a HUGE impact on the world, but yeah, having weather patterns would be really cool in its own rights. That's the one thing WW got right about the sea, watching the weather change as I was waiting to get to my destination while I made a sandwich made it a little more bearable.
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Yes, I'd like to see weather patterns in Zelda. With the dawn of more powerful hardware, Nintendo should use the extra processing power to its advantage.

Season changes as in Pokemon would be appreciated with certain impediments appearing and disappearing with a change in environment. That's what I liked about Oracle of Seasons-some dungeons were only accessible during a given season.

Precipitation in the rain forest, dust storms in the desert, eruptions by volcanoes would all be appreciated.


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Aug 28, 2012
New idea. Imprisoned likes. Sometimes you may have to wait until the weather cleared up rather than being forced through a 24/7 blizzard or storm. Plus, pretty sunsets! *gazes out of window* Aww. Too dark out.


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May 26, 2010
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Weather patterns would be nice, but the problem I can see is it impeding progress in the main storyline. Say you want to get to point A, B, C and D in quick succession. Well, what if snowfall blocks you off from point D? I don't think you'd be too happy; environmental effects would break you from doing your stated goal and force you to either wait in a lull period or go complete some other tasks. In other words, they have the potential to "kill immersion", which isn't the ideal situation for quite a few gamers.

I myself don't have too much of a problem with roaming the land in case of roadblocks unless all of the things to do a) haven't opened up or b) aren't any kind of fun. That means, if it's raining quite a torrential storm and that stops me from doing sidequest A (momentarily), I would want to do sidequest B only if it's fun for me.

Disregarding the function for gameplay, though, I would love to see weather patterns just to have amazing effects constantly on display. Lightning sure is dangerous in the real world, but it's so beautiful! I love looking at the lightning despite it being a blinding white and a potential killer. Imagine if we could have that in Zelda!


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Dec 16, 2011
With the hardware capabilities of the Wii U, I'm sure Nintendo will be experimenting with real-time events and weather patterns. I would really like to see this, it creates a sense of realism that just makes everything more interesting, in my opinion.

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Aug 16, 2012
Myrtle Beach, SC
I'm a sucker for changing weather patterns in games, it tends to give them so much more life and atmosphere, and it doesn't necessarily have to affect the environment an very dramatic ways (like rising water levels or areas being blocked by snowfall, unless of course it's part of a puzzle to get into a dungeon) IMO, Nintendo should definitely implement changing weather patterns in future Zelda games.
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Nov 25, 2012
Monkey Island
Yes please! Weather changes gives the game an atmospheric edge. Its presence was one of WW's strong points; its absence was literally one of the most disappointing things in SS for me (they didn't even have time-of-day changes except for Skyloft night/day...took a lot of potential atmosphere out). So IMO, time of day and weather changes are a MUST!
Jun 14, 2011
The Wind Waker did touch on this, especially when sailing, so overall I wouldn't mind either way since it doesn't really have a huge impact in the game. I wouldn't want this used to randomly hinder progression though cause that would just be annoying, I think it would be better if it was there to breathe life into the game.
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Jan 26, 2013
I would like a system where, maybe snow slows you down, or it is slippery while/after it was raining due to mud.

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