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Watch Me Playing Some Zelda Tunes Using the N64 Controller and Ocarina of Time

Apr 5, 2012
As you know when playing the ocarina of time in the ocarina of time(ocarina of time-ception), in addition to the five notes already mapped to buttons, you can shift the pitch by moving up or down the control stick, which gives the range of from a B to a F an octave higher. And that enables the player to play all sorts of music on it. This time it's me playing some melodies from some console zelda games, I did it in half a day and it was actually quite tiring but pretty fun nevertheless, it's just like playing a real musical instrument where you have to remember the correct combinations and practice a lot. There was a few mistakes but I was running out of time.



The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
Cool, you can use the control stick to make new notes? Does it work on virtual console with a gamecube controller?

Holy crap... does this work on 3ds version?

Yup, I checked them out on night versions, so yea you can do that if you own those versions of Ocarina of Time. I found that out when Ocarina of Time was still new to the world, but I was too scared to do a post about it. Kudos to you kind sir for doing me that favor! Keep up the good work!


The Legendary Hero was my favorite part you played. Great work. 10 out of 10 INCLUDING mistakes

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