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Was Skyward Sword Actually Difficult?

Apr 10, 2012
I don't separate them, either. But there's no need to here. Dowsing was not a forced function. If it was, then the complaints about it would be legit. But it wasn't, so they're not.

agreed. The problem I had with it is just that they never really implied that it was optional and that fi was always beeping.

Heroine of Time

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Aug 6, 2011
Take a guess.
There are two different types of difficulty in Zelda games: puzzles and combat.

Puzzles in Skyward Sword were admittedly easy. If you think you're a bad video gamer, then you haven't met me yet. I am one of the worst gamers ever. I get stuck on the dumbest of things. I got stuck on Skyward Sword a lot, too, but for silly things, not because something was designed to be hard. (Like being unable to figure out how to activate a switch, or crossing a room twelve or thirteen times over an hour and totally missing the next passage, or forgetting that you can stab those water things in Fire Sanctuary...) Like Ventus said, puzzles were pretty mundane and/or recycled.

But combat in Skyward Sword is what I really, really enjoyed, and what made the game challenging and fun for me. Enemy weak points were generally obvious, but that doesn't mean I didn't have incredible amounts of trouble defeating the Lizalfos in the Earth Temple. And Ghirahim – wow, he almost killed me today. It's because I didn't have a shield, but still – he almost killed me, on my sixth time fighting him! Oh, and that's not including his phases in Fire Sanctuary or final boss... that's just the number of times I've fought him in Skyview, minus Lightning Round. I actually had to go look for hearts in those pots. I broke all of them and survived with only two hearts.

I find Skyward Sword's combat difficult. And maybe Ventus is right. Maybe it is based entirely on your own skill with the Motion Plus, and I just suck at it. But if that's the case, then Skyward Sword's neither easy nor difficult. Besides, I feel pretty accomplished with MotionPlus. I don't THINK I'm bad at it. I was at first, but I've played the game multiple times now and I think I'm comfortable with the controls. I felt pretty awesome after beating Demise in 1:07 without taking damage... That was one of my greatest gaming feats ever... XD

I do believe difficulty should be improved on, but the basics of combat should not be changed. I loved having to find a way to react to enemies and being able to move your sword in a way that felt so REAL. If that's what it means for SS's difficulty to be based in skill, then PLEASE base it on skill! I loved that! It could also account for why some people found it hard and others think it's so easy. For some, it would be just the right difficulty, and others would need something harder.

And, personally, I think Hero Mode is the difficulty level the series should be at. Not the main adventure. Hero Mode was an interesting challenge.

That being said, no matter what, it was harder than Twilight Princess. That's got to at least count for something. :P

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