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Spoiler Was It a Story Timeline "fail" in Skyward Sword?

Apr 7, 2012
I have thought long about this and will now share it to the ZD forums! :)

Throughout SS, Link meet the old Impa at the beginning to end. And she is always wearing the bracelet Zelda gave her back in the past,
and Zelda gives it to Impa after Link has taken the Master Sword in the pedestal. But Link still have to do all the hard work. How is this possible? Since Impa lived both in the past and SS present, she would have remembered something that didnt happen. It may be hard to understand what I am meaning, but I will try once more:
- Old Impa has bracelet
-Zelda has bracelet too! (the given one in the past)
- Old Impa has the bracelet without Link havent saved the world yet
- Link saves the world in the past, and put the Master Sword in the pedestal in past
- Zelda gives young Impa the freaking bracelet in the past
- When they get back to their own time, she has the bracelet all along

How is it possible!? If Impa had the bracelet all the time, the world should have been saved all along.
It is like Impa remember Link saved the world and Zelda gave her the bracelet, but it didnt happen even though she got it from Zelda!? It is so brain-twisting!

Does anyone have an explanation for this?
Apr 4, 2012
I think because the unsaved time happened 'before' the saved time in the past it happened anyway. So, because Link wasn't born yet the world wasn't saved in the past. When Link goes to the past, it's still happening 'after' he was born, in a certain chronological sense. Also, if the world was saved in the past, so Link didn't go on the adventure, it would undo itself because the world being saved in the past is a direct consequence to it being in peril in the present. That's all I've got.


My opinion on time travel is that you cannot change the past by going there. Impa may have had the bracelet in the present, but the events of the past have already happened, the world was already saved by the time you drop down into the sealed grounds. The rest of the game was to set Link up to travel into the past.


when impa lives starting from the past demise has already been killed. therefore the old impa (grannie) should exist only in the version of time where demise has already been killed. versions of time should not exist with old impa and demise sealed. so my answer would be not only should the bracelet not exist, but grannie shouldn't exist.

but if demise was resurrected in the past and killed why is there a sealed version of him as well? that would hint towards a belief that time can be rewritten.
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