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Phantom Hourglass Was I the Only One That Loved PH but Hated ST?


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Aug 21, 2011
I wasnt big on the sailing or on the trains for navigating the overworld. We need more overhead zelda titles like the Oracle games!!!


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Aug 6, 2011
The S.S. Linebeck
I didn't like ST. Trains don't fit Zelda; they seem too modern world somehow; out of place in a way for a fantasy setting. The Spirit Flute was annoying. I have carpal tunnel and my wrist can stand much strain. And for some reason when I had to play the Spirit Flute it would put a slight strain on my wrist; probably from having to blow into the mic just right and move the flute with the stylus at the same time. The mic on my DS is temperamental and I have to blow into it just right for things in the game to register correctly. And though I don't have asthma I do get short of breath easily and all that blowing, for the Spirit Flute and the pinwheel, is a bit hard on me. Final battle was definitely disappointing for me. The credits were pretty though.

PH on the other hand, more sailing like in TWW(I always did like the sailing though I heard that some people didn't). No more of a limit on your cannon. Easier to aim with the cannon(though no matter what I still have poor aim). OoT/MM style fairies. I had missed those fairies; Ciela amused me. And I loved Linebeck. So good at comedy relief, and surprisingly deep despite that. Fishing sidequest. Fishing on the sea was interesting. And, luckily for me, not much use of the mic in the way of blowing. Yes, I will admit that the back-tracking was annoying. But for some reason I liked seeing if I could beat my time in ToTOK(For some reason whenever I'm in there the theme from Mission: Impossible starts playing in my head. Must be that whole stealth thing.) And I always enjoy searching for treasure.

So yeah, I also loved PH but hated ST.
Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
So I just started playing through Spirit Tracks the other day. I hate it. The train is too slow, the Tower of Spirits is boring, and the Spirit Flute is annoying to play. In other words, I think that PH is godly compared to ST.

Spirit Tracks

Ok, for me, this is turning the opostie of what the thread was originally about- now everyone loathes ST and luvs PH. Like i said, i havent got PH yet, but i highly doubt i enjoy too many timed games. So basically 8/10 perople here enjoy PH more than St. So ill just show mai reasons for liking St so far:
WW already had a boat, so the train is new
You are always timed in TotOK, so theres less pressure in the Tower of Spirits
ST had a few new items such as the Whip and the Whirlwind to add variety.
and something else i cant remember

Edit: ok make that 99/100. Ans I guess 3/5 of me would like Ph, as i dont think that linebeck puts a 5,000 rupee debt on you.
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Phantom Hourglass, in my opinion, is superior to Spirit Tracks in several ways.

1. Spirit Tracks' train riding ( set tracks ) was much more limited than Phantom Hourglass' sailing ( open ocean)
2. Phantom Hourglass was just more fun and entertaining than Spirit Tracks ( I don't know why it just feels right )
3. Linebeck. Period.
4. The train was just to futuristic for the Legend of Zelda.
5. Zelda taking over the Phantoms, personally, was just to weird.

Now these are just my opinions.


I think that Spirit Tracks was more in depth with plot characters and gameplay, but Phantom Hourglass surely had a less monotonous way to travel. I mean gosh, if I could change one thing about Spirit Tracks it would be a faster way of traveling, obviously later in game.
Dec 22, 2011
Spirit Tracks had some improvements...But still Phantom Hourglass in my opinion was better...But i still like Spirit Tracks!
Dec 22, 2011
I hate how these games always get looked down upon. I loved them both. I enjoyed Spirit Tracks more, but I still really liked Phantom Hourglass. Having Zelda as a sidekick and being able to control her in the Tower of Spirits was fun and added a layer of complexity to the game. Even though there weren't many temples, the temples that were there cleverly implemented the items you received in them. As for the duets in Spirit Tracks, those were really fun and enjoyable, in my opinion. I love replaying PH and ST back-to-back.
Dec 19, 2011
I liked PH more probably because I could go in a boat and sail around the world then being stuck on tracks in ST.

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