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Was Argorok Really That Impressive?

Nov 26, 2008
I hear a lot these days about how cool of a boss Argorok from Twilight Princess was. I hear people say he's an awesome boss, even sometimes suggesting or stated to be the coolest boss in the game.

I'm just really confused as to how he could be considered so cool. I can respect someone liking him, of course, I just don't really get it... :huh:

He was really cool looking, I'll give him that. And it was interesting how he was fought at the the top of the City in the Sky (although I kind of hated that dungeon). But when it came down to it, not only was the fight pathetically easy (as were all of the bosses in TP), but it was extremely mellow. :? Despite the boss's fierce appearance, the semi-aerial battle, and the fact that he was an armored, bad-***, fire-breathing dragon, the fight was calm and slow. They had a slow, calm and eerie tune playing the whole time for both phases of the fight, and he didn't have a very aggressive attack strategy.

I just... didn't think it worked out very well. Maybe if he were a different sort of creature or his battle was more fast-paced and dangerous I would have liked it better, but as it was I thought it was executed rather poorly and was actually one of my least favorite fights out of the entire game.

But what are your guys' thoughts on it? And what do you think of my points about the fight? Again, I mean no disrespect to the people who like the boss or even the boss itself really, I'm just a bit confused. :sweat:
Oct 26, 2008
I happen to agree with you, Argorok was a big bad *** fire breathing dragon that has the power to attack fast and aggresively....but he didn't. I do think he is a cool boss but I never really thought he was that impressive, he attacked rather slowly and pretty much let Link kill him. I know that he changed his strategy to make it a little harder to kill him but it didn't really do much, you just had to start moving the other way then attack him from that side.

It is problematic though because everything in TP was so easy to kill so they couldn't really make Argorok hard to beat otherwise the new gamers that probably couldn't beat the older, harder games couldn't really do anything at that stage without getting annoyed. If they had made the game as whole harder then they could have opened up the potential for Argorok to be the big bad *** armoured dragon that he really is. He would have been able to use a much faster aggresive attacking strategy while and would have had an battle stage that had potential in the hardness of the strategy needed to beat him.

The above paragraph though isn't a full excuse to why he wasn't so epic and was easy to beat because of his bad strategy, Stallord was an epic boss with two great halves to his fight and could actually cause some hurt to you when you were trying to attack him unlikely Argorok where it wasn't very hard to stop his attempts to hurt you and then use the oppertunity to strike him hard in the back.

Personally, I don't think that Argorok as a whole was that impressive, he needed more speed, more dragon like qualities and more aggresion in his attacking strategy, maybe then he would have been a boss to remember as impressive.


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May 15, 2009
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Well, one of the reasons I was psyched about Argorok is because I actually fought him without knowing that you could Z-target things to shoo them with projectiles. That meant I had to manually shoot the Peahats and his tail with the Clawshot, which honestly made the fight a lot more tense. When he turned his firestream around, I kept getting roasted. It was only until my second playthrough that I realized you could just alternate the Z and B buttons to win, which honestly made it a lot less epic. This also made targeting the caravan and Kargorocs in the escort mission a lot tougher, and really a lot of projectile-based fights are made a lot more fun by neglecting Z-targeting. I'm starting to think a lot of the game's bosses could have been harder if you didn't have the ability to Z-target: Morpheel's eye was harder to hit and you had to fight off the bomb fish faster, and in the second phase I had to make sure I positioned myself in order that'd he'd miss me by enough for me to get behind his eye and get a straight shot. Aeralfos were harder, too, and various horseback segments ended up a lot more dangerous.

That's my personal experience, though- while I really liked Argorok's setting and music, the fact that he'd only attack when you were up high and the absurd number of recovery hearts in the grass made it a bit too easy on my second time through.

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Aug 19, 2009
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Well he looked cool but the concept in my opinion was lame and he was actually the easiest TP boss I've ever fought. Heck Diababa was actually harder in my opinion (even though he didn't damage me at all either). Plus the fight was just really slow and boring. In my opinion he was the least cool boss in the entire series instead of just the game.
Jan 24, 2010
Nah. He wasn't really all that great. I think it was more about the environment that made him seem epic. The high altitude, the rain. And of course don't forget the dramatic boss fight music. Especially when perched on his back stabbing at his weak spot. Other then that, he was just another boss that looked good.

Though this fanart does do the boss justice, IMO: View attachment 2404

By the way, I found that on DeviantArt. A long time ago. So I don't remember the artist's name. Though all credit goes to them. But, that is what I think of, when I face off against this boss.


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Dec 3, 2009
Ikana Canyon
He does look intimidating but despite his looks he just to easy.I wish he was just a little bit more challenging.


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Aug 18, 2009
I never really liked Argorok. Like people said, the fight was slow and very easy. Argorok was one of the easiest boss in TP, IMO, even if none of the bosses were hard. Yes he was an impressive dragon and looked intimidating at first, but he wasn't able to do much. His firebreath attack was is strongest move, which was so easy too avoid. Now I can beat that boss without losing a heart. He really should have been more difficult, especially since he was one of the last bosses. But really, the whole battle was kind of...dull. Argorok is probably my least favorite boss from TP, even Diababa was more cool than him. Yeah, truly.


Aug 25, 2008
In the end, I think the only reason he is so popular is his epic appearance, and the fact that he's one of the few standard dragons within The Legend of Zelda series. It's brought to you as some sort of climatic showdown, and winds up being a very slow-paced boss battle, and a rather disappointing one be it at that. To top that off, it was also very gimmicky, i mean swing from Peahat to Peahat? That's pretty lame, especially when they're practically irrelevant to the battle. Ultimately, they figured they could trow in some lightning and rain to make an epic scenery, which merely compensated for the mediocre fight.


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Apr 14, 2008
Newfoundland, Canada
I never liked him, but as opposed to everyone here, it was because I found him to be too difficult. For me, he was by far the hardest boss - and not in a fun way. I don't remember a whole lot about the battle, but I can remember dying a few times. It was definately nerve-wrecking, and I hate feeling that while playing games. :P


Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL
Argorok was amazing. Not only did he look cool, but the boss battle could be quite challenging. The second half of the battle was the toughest, but hitting that gem on his back gave me something that no other boss could. I was riding on a dragon. What a thrill.


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Jan 24, 2010
I actually liked Argarok. He was one of my favourite boss battles.

To me, the surroundings play a lot into how much I like a boss battle (half of the reason I love the OoT final boss was the atmosphere). Dark, cloudy, rain pouring, lightning cracking. It was awesome.

I also found it to be one of the hardest boss battles in the game (even though it was still pretty easy). It took me forever on the second stage, because to get to his back, you have to be uber-quick about it.

So, overall, yes. Argarok was that impressive.


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Oct 4, 2009
Well Argorok was cool looking and I enjoyed battling him but I wouldn't say he is the best boss in the series, nor in the game. Maybe people think that Argorok is a cool boss because it is different to most bosses.


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Jun 8, 2009
didn't like this boss so much... Link has fought a few dragons over the years but i think this time was a bit of a let down. Even Volvagia (i think that's it's name) the boss from the fire temple did way more damage than this dragon. although if you fight Argorok with only the wooden sword it could take up to an hour to beat him (sounds crazy but you keep the wooden sword in TP). funny how Zant doesn't take you to this location when your fighting him, probably because the twilight never invaded the City in the Sky. Anyway Argorok wasn't bad, but he was also far from being one of the best Zelda bosses in my books.

I would like to see a few more dragons in future Zelda games. I think it would be neat to battle a red and a blue at the same time (kind of like Twinmold) or maybe a golden dragon from the sacred realm =O


I think one of the cooler parts of this boss was the fact that you were able to see him up at his tower from the earlier parts of the dungeon on. As cool as this boss looked, no dragon boss yet takes the cake over Volvagia.

Slightly off-topic, I think one of my favorite bosses in TP was probably Armogohma; it looked cool, it was a fun fight, and it hearkened back to the first dungeon in OoT for some nostalgic goodness too lol

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