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General Art Warriors - Of - Hyrule

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Jul 23, 2012
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Warriors of Hyrule is a forum roleplay crossover of Legend of Zelda and Warrior Cats. This roleplay takes place in Hyrule, with Hyrule's four Clans; CanyonClan, MountainClan, ForestClan, and WaterClan.
However, in the beginning of this roleplay... those Clans are not formed just yet, and it may take years until they are. This is because we will be roleplaying the ENTIRE series, from beginning to end, INCLUDING the many years in-between each game. Note: NO, this Rp is not realistic. Why? It's ZELDA.

We are currently very small, with only six members. It would be fabulous if we could grow!


There are four land tribes in Hyrule, each unique. There are the mechanical Rokii, which is a mechanical being resembling a large rat, made by cats. There is then the Gorocks, a species of bear-like creatures, which have stony skin on their backs. Next are the Mogmai, a species of large digging rat-like creatures. Then, there are the Kikwi, a large squirrel-like species. And then... there are the cats. The average cats.
Things in Hyrule are the opposite of peaceful, with a large, black cat with scales, a firey mane, and a firey tail tip on their backs. This cat's name... is Demise. He is seeking to destroy Hyrule, and its surface tribes.
And so, the cats decide to call on one of their bravest warriors; Link.(At this time, they did not have warrior names yet.) Link will then face Demise... but will he win? Or will he fail?
Link is supposed to die. Whoever plays Link and the major roles will be told how the story is supposed to go, if they don't have Hyrule Historia.

Please do join. It's quite incredible and may someday be made into a game.
I am second-in-command there.
~Midna's Sister

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