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Want To Write Spiderman?


Inspiring Youtuber
Jun 20, 2019
The Avengers are missing, the world has been thrown into chaos, the Fantastic Four come out of retirement, the X-Men are forced to handle more then mutant related threats, and the remaining heroes scramble to maintain order. This is the world Peter Parker wakes up to everyday without anyway to change it, until the faithful day he gets bitten by a radioactive spider and begins his journey as the fantastic up-comer , The ultimate new symbol of hope, the superior hero of the new generation, the sensational friendly neighborhood hero, The Amazing Spiderman.

If this world sounds like something you want to help build then let me know, even if you don't want to write just talking about ideas is a big help in and of itself. This is intended to be a more mature look into the Spiderman mythos and will focus on Peter's personal life while exploring how Spiderman is both a blessing and a curse, loved ones will be lost and new friends will be discovered
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