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Voice of Zelda autographs fan's copy of BotW in Hylian

The voice of Zelda in BotW, Patricia Summersett, has signed a fan's copy of the game and added the Hylian text for 'Open your eyes'.

Summersett is a big fan of the Zelda franchise and certainly seems committed to both her role as a fan and as the voice of Zelda.

What do you think of Summersett and her Hylian knowledge?

Does it make you feel any better about her performance as Zelda?

The full story is in the link below

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Jul 14, 2019
Although I haven't had as adverse a reaction to her performance as Zelda as some seem to have, I still don't think she did a perfect job. However, I'm much happier knowing she's a fan of the series and at least put some mental effort into the signing than had we got a better performance from someone who couldn't care less about Zelda.

So, while it doesn't make me appreciate her performance more, it's certainly a boon knowing the voice I'm hearing is someone willing to invest in the character and look beyond the paycheck.


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Jul 6, 2011
It doesn't make me feel better about her performance, only the switching to Japanese language settings so I don't have to hear it makes me feel better.

It is good to see she is a fan though and I'd be less happy to see someone who hates Zelda performing the role badly.

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