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General Zelda Voice Acting

Voice Acting?

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May 18, 2013
Whats so wrong with that though?
Why is reading such an issue if it adds to the personality of the game?

Are you gonna say it detracted from the characters of Okami, that the gibbersh wasn't good enough?
That Minda's personality wasn't enhanced with the gibberish?
That all Japanese subs are lessened cause we have to read?

Cause bad voice actors ruin the immersion much more than good voice actors enhance it.
Gibberish allows for a universal cast that can put the right tone and personality behind the gibberish.
If you just don't like having reading... well, I dunno what to tell you there.

All I know is reading isnt immersion breaking, otherwise no book ever could be considered immersive
I probably wasn't clear enough but you completely misinterpreted my post.

The advantage of voice acting is to listen to characters speak rather than reading to read text, what I understood from Octo's post is that when they recording the actors talk in a made up language invented by the game creators. So wither they go text only, or talk in that made up language, we'll end up reading instead of listening because we won't understand what their saying.

Midna's speech to me seems like gibberish randomised voice samples, they did not record new lines for every line of dialogue, they record a few and reuse them over and over again, this to me is different from say having the entire game be in a made up language in every single line of dialogue.

Also what does reading book and watching subtitles foreigner media have anything to do with not wanting a made up language for a game???? I like both of these things but not the made up language thing.


trollin for booty
Sep 29, 2009
i'm mostly neutral on the idea, although i do believe it might take away from some of the traditionalism in the games. if they do it like in fallout 3 and new vegas, where the main character remained silent while everyone else would have voice actors. it might work.


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
We have voice actors already. All it takes is for Nintendo to go the extra mile and fully voice everyone. It isn't hard, but more importantly, it isn't IMPOSSIBLE. See the Fire Emblem:Awakening cast for more details.

This would be one of the recent changes that are IMPROVEMENTS instead of a different take on what amounts to the same material.

Random Person

Just Some Random Person
Feb 6, 2010
Similar to other game mechanics I think would improve the franchise, I say "yes" but I'm scared. Zelda has issued with going off the beaten path and sometimes does things just horrible. I want voice acting yes, like I wanted orchestrated music and full motion controls, but I'm so scared of what Nintendo would do with it.
Jul 9, 2013
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Voice acting? In my Zelda?! Actually, I'm not terribly against the idea, but I still would like it better if they stayed away from it. There's too much room for error, I feel. If it's good, then cool. Would it add much to the game? Personally, I don't think it would. If it were to be done badly, it could ruin the game for many people.

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