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Video Games That Made You Cry


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Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
I doubt i'll get much love for this but i'll be honest, being a big manly man i teared the hell up at the end of FFX I mean that in all sense just such a hell of a thing to kick you in the crotch. YEAH you know he's a dream dude you can really say Yuna had a dream man.


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Mar 20, 2012
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A few have. Life is Strange did a pretty good job at getting you to cry a lot. I also did quite a bit in Mass Effect 3, despite its problems. I can't really think of any others that managed to do so. No way I can talk about it without spoiling things.
Yeah! Life is Strange got me man, I thought that it would at some point. I would say episodes 2 and 4 got me the most. Aside from that, I don't cry a whole lot when I play video games. Skyward Sword made me cry a little bit, just because I thought the fact that they decided to give Link emotions was nice. Also the ending Fi scene... the music is what made the mood so great. Also The Last of Us has several scenes that either made me cry, or made me almost cry. That game in general is very well done, and although I haven't finished it yet, Beyond Two Souls is a rather emotional game (also I'm super gay for Ellen Page soooo...)

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Mar 14, 2013
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The only game that actually made me cry was Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. An event that occurred later in the game just completely crushed me because I was told the thing that happened was avoidable. I cried pretty hard. Looking back on it, it was pretty embarrassing ;u;


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Jan 8, 2015
I must admit that I cried my eyes out when I first saw the start of Ori and the Blind Forest. It was just so sad to watch little Ori to lose one he cared and everything else that happened in beginning.
Also the end of Xenoblade Chronicles made me cry, not only because beautiful music but the feels of playing the game and bonding with the charatcters during that epic journey, knowing that they finally restored the peace to the world.


Nov 25, 2012
The Underground
Undertale had me tearin up.. Specifically in "New Home" where the monsters tell you the story of the King and Queen and their child and auuuggh. The music that plays as you walk through this area is just so packed with emotion I can't explain it. No video game has made me really feel something more than this game. You should play it.

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