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Game Thread VFD Mafia

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Jun 7, 2017
the present
For Beatrice- My love for you shall live forever. You, however, did not.

The Bad Beginning was not to be the beginning it seems, as the opening was to begin at poor Monty’s house. His home was the first place the Baudelaire orphans thought they could be happy after their parents perished in a terrible fire. As with every happy thing the Baudelaire’s experienced since their parents death, there is an “until Count Olaf” to herald its end and the beginning of a new round of miseries.

  1. Know your basic mafia rules.
  2. Read these rules thoroughly.
  3. Days will be 72 hours long and nights will be 24.
  4. I’ll allow one 24 hour extension each day if majority is reached. Extension votes will be counted separately from normal votes.
  5. Vote like this: Vote: scummier6 you must unvote before revoting.
  6. You may vote for no lynch if you wish. A tied vote will result in a coin flip.
  7. Only one role claim per day, counterclaims are fine.
  8. You may not use your role pm as evidence and you may not mention anything character specific that would obviously point to your character.
  9. You may not quote or reference any conversations with me. If you ask me something very pertinent I might make an announcement.
  10. You may not reference this game outside the game thread unless I give you a designated area to do so.
  11. If you notice any mod mistakes please pm and let me know immediately.
  12. No using outside information.
  13. No editing your posts.
  14. No talking at night.
  15. You may make one post following your death that contains NO game related information whatsoever.
  16. Please be active and make at least three decent posts a day phase. Please let me know ahead of time if you won’t be able to meet the requirement.
This will be in a story in five parts, theoretically. To progress to the next book, a certain someone must die. Certain things will change depending on what book the game is currently in. Good luck!

Volunteers Feeling Dread:
  1. @Morbid Minish
  2. @Doc
  3. @DekuNut
  4. @Mido
  5. @A Link In Time
  6. @Moe the Moblin
  7. @Spiritual Mask Salesman
  8. @Flora
  9. @Stormageden747
  10. @Pen
  11. @Krow
  12. @LittleGumball
  13. @HeroOfTime
With 13 alive it takes 7 to majority. Otherwise day will end on Thursday the 7th at 8pm CST.
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