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Very Large Amount of 3DS News

Nov 20, 2008
I'm so excited, but now I have nothing to do but wait, listen to your great news, and save up money. This seems like it will be an amazing system with an amazing lineup of games. I can't wait for the Virtual console with GB/GBA games, as those are so hard to find now a days (they better have OoX). I'm only really saddened by the price tag; this is more expensive than the Wii when it released, and besides 3D, it doesn't seem much different, as I'm not really looking at tech specs.

My first day(s) buys: Kid Icarus, OoT 3DS, Kingdom Hearts, MGS, and possibly a few more, assuming all or most of these are launch titles.

The Miis will certainly be interesting, and I'm wondering what new features they will add. Does this mean 3DS will be getting games such as 3DS Sports and 3DS Play?

Thanks so much for keeping up posted Kaz!

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