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Uwu draws some stuff, I guess

you honestly dont need to go to an art college to be an artist. and since it'll require all these prerequisite classes that'll reteach basics that you already know before you can get anything out of it, it'll probably be a waste of time and money for the first several years anyway. but your art is outstanding, i dont think you need a degree to back your skills. anyone can build an art portfolio (this thread honestly is basically portfolio level tbh) if they really wanted to get into more professional or commercial illustrating, but if you're sticking to it as a hobby, then you still can do some commissions on the side on top of your other job/source of income.


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Jul 6, 2011
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I've had like 10 people ask me if I'm planning to go to an art college and become an actual artist. Lol like, um, no? Wasn't planning on it?

It's probably a waste of money for you. You have the skills and seem to be developing them well over time on your own.

You can be an actual artist without going to art college. Especially with Instagram these days. If you get popular enough you can do commissions, prints and even sell NFTs of your work for money.


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Nothing special, just häńd. I was bored.


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I tried a new art software, clip studio paint. I like this one a lot and may pay to keep it after the free trial. The coloring is a lot nicer, and I could never get pen pressure to work on krita. The flames on this are kind of eh, but I love how the rest came out.

I use a combo of Krita and Clip Studio sometimes. I'm wondering why pen pressure wasn't working for you in Krita though. I've had issues with this too but it always was something that I had to fix with either my computer or my tablet, and not something wrong with Krita. Making sure Windows Ink is on can sometimes fix this problem (if you are using a Windows computer). A lot of times it was because I'd leave my tablet plugged into my computer, let my computer go into sleep mode for a long time, and then I'd return and find pen pressure was gone. Unplugging the tablet and restarting the computer always fixes this for me.

Anyway, I love the shading for this piece, and the backround looks cool as well!
I actually was curious about the pen pressure problem, too. Usually pen pressure issues are a driver issue, and I found this documentation here:

There is a kamvas tablet listed that requires an experimental driver to work, unsure if it is yours. Decided to google specifically for the kamvas in krita and this was pretty quick as a result:

It seems there is a known compatability issue of some sort, but maybe you could try out another free program or look to see if there are other available open source programs that do work with your tablet. No harm in testing out gimp too. It's a little less dedicated as a painting software, but the workspace is pretty adaptable.


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Yeah I use a huion kamvas 12, which is essentially the same as the 13 except slightly smaller. I've never had the pen pressure work for krita so I guess I must have missed something in setup? I'm sure there's a way to fix it I just haven't found it yet.

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