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Uprisen (the Very First Kid Icarus: Uprising Fan Site!)


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Jun 17, 2009
Starting in early afternoon, aka around 2:00 PM (and it's now 7:00 PM), it took me almost all day to create this, and it's still totally beta.


As of the time this was posted, there are two posts on the blog. One's an introduction, and the other is about a gaming conference that was hosted by Nintendo in Chila, Japan. Not only did the blog posts take a long time to write (I try to make anything I write [as long they're not like on a forum or someplace where it doesn't matter] as grammatically correct as possible), but the whole site took a long time to make. The logo was kinda hard to figure out how I wanted it, and I'm really not that used to WordPress.

The forum is in development, and I'll hopefully get it ready enough to link it by the end of tomorrow.

This website/blog is, in fact, the very first fan site specifically about Kid Icarus: Uprising, a game being released in March 2010 along with the Nintendo 3DS system. It's the third game in a series that has not been touched by game developers for nearly twenty years.

The main protagonist, Pit, made an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and some of the artwork was based of the Brawl models, only kind of cooler.

Anyway, this is the first place I decided to talk about this site on. As of now, I'm a loner. I've started and gotten as far as I have all by myself. I know of a few people I can talk to who can be fellow writers for the blog (one of them writes for ZeldaInformer, and yeah, I know him in real life), but I also want help from other places, such as this place, as well.

If you people hear anything about the upcoming game, don't hesitate to contact me so I can get something onto the blog about it. Don't worry that I might already know about it, because I'm not on the inside of Nintendo like some gaming sites are. I don't know when new things are coming up, except for the huge press conference in 11 days.

But hey, what if I didn't know about the Nintendo 3DS press conference? Please, if you get any information, please phone (figure of speech) in.

Anyway, if anyone wants to help at all, please do! Eventually I'll add screenshots, videos, and I'm even considering writing a walkthrough, once the game comes out. But if you want to join in the fun, you're welcome to!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, "uprisen" isn't a word. It's a mixture of the words "uprising" and "risen".

Important Note: I have not revised this post like I usually do for long posts or blog articles. This is simply for the reason that I'm completely sick of editing my own stuff for the day. Ugh, I need a rest. If you see any typos, just don't mention them. I'll revise this tomorrow. Maybe.

Anyway, see you guys around! Hopefully see you guys around the Uprisen forums, too!


EDIT: I'm also going to be adding links tomorrow, too. And probably a whole ton more things I forgot. The site looks bare now, but I put a freakin' ton of work into it.

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