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Breath of the Wild Upgrade System

Jun 16, 2013
Desert Wastlands
In Skyward Sword, we see an upgrade system, where you had to get the right materials and a given amount of that type and some money to upgrade your items. You could upgrade your bug net, Slingshot, Bow, Beetle, even potions! I think in Zelda Wii U they could even make it better! They could make it more useful to upgrade your items, and maybe even make it in your best interest, by having really tough monsters in areas, where you have to either run and get hurt, take them on (be extremely hard, not unless your a pro), or go collect stuff to upgrade some of your inventory. Just by having really tough areas, would make it worth while. And they could also make it so if you wanted to complete some extra sidequests, you would have to upgrade your bow for example, so it could have a longer range, and hit like a switch that lets you have access to this extra area or something. Would you like to see an upgrade system in the new Zelda Wii U?


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May 26, 2010
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1) Have a MULTITUDE of SENSICAL ingredients to create items. None of that fantasy crud like using tumbleweed for a shield (like wtf).

2) Make crafting something you can "level up" or gain ranks at.

3) Have over 6 upgrades for any subgroup, and over 3 subgroups per item type. So within shield, there is the "wooden shield" subgroup, "iron shield subgroup", and "pre-Hylian Shield" subgroup. Then within wooden shield there can be up to 6 upgrades. ya dig namsayin. :)

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Jun 17, 2013
In response to Ventus's post, I find several of the upgrades in SS sensical (Well.... I'm an archery kinda guy, so I had several totally upgraded quivers along with my Sacred Bow, which makes going anywhere a million times easier).

I would like some expansion on the upgrade system to the point that the upgrades would make sense and would actually make a difference (Like upgrading a wooden shield to be iron so that it won't burn).
Apr 12, 2013
I definitely want the upgrade system to return. I would be quite disappointed if it didn't. It was one of Skyward Sword's chief innovations, an addition to series that finally brought a degree of newness and modernity to the Zelda formula.

If it returns- and again, I really hope it does- I hope the developers expand on it. More layers of customization would give the system greater depth and bring Zelda more in line with other modern games that offer deep engrossing crafting systems.

1) Have a MULTITUDE of SENSICAL ingredients to create items. None of that fantasy crud like using tumbleweed for a shield (like wtf).

I think the odd use of ingredients in Skyward Sword definitely falls under "willing suspension of disbelief". It's more important that the ingredients Link collects are interesting, rather than functional.


May 18, 2013
I don't want a enemies to necessarily drop treasures to upgrade items, this will lead to girding to get the appropriate amount of treasures to upgrade items as in SS. If they will keep enemies having a specify trinket that is used to upgrade items, they should make it like the blue chu chu in WW, where each chu chu drops the the blue stuff once, so you have to actually explore to find the enemies that drop these items.

What I prefer is if the upgrade items be either laying around somewhere or hidden in caves or dungeons.


Jan 10, 2011
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I'd like to see multiple paths for upgrades, that way there'd be incentive to try out different things in subsequent playthroughs, increasing the replay value, as well as allow you to find out which is best for you, adding in even more customization.

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