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Hyrule Warriors Update 1.6.0 and Boss Ganon DLC

Sep 21, 2014
Just that I've noticed people from certain places use word forms with a 't' instead of 'ed'. Things like burnt/burned, earnt/earned, learnt/learned.
Oct 14, 2013
Just that I've noticed people from certain places use word forms with a 't' instead of 'ed'. Things like burnt/burned, earnt/earned, learnt/learned.
That's more because I just use the words that way without thinking too much about it. It's more my way than the typical Australian way. And fair enough.

Keep this thread on-topic to Hyrule Warriors subjects only, please.
It's fine, it's just a simple question which has been answered now. No one is derailing the topic far away from the Hyrule Warriors topic that you originally started. So you don't need to worry there.


I wonder if anyone can find out what the potions will be exactly for 1.6.0 before the Jap/EU/Aus (and possible NA) release of the patch.
Oct 14, 2013
An official video has been released showcasing the two new modes, including gameplay with Ganon at 48 seconds in.
Source links for the video. Official site and youtube.

Here are 3 points from the video I want to make.


Does this mean the 4 in 1 DLC pack will get a price drop soon?


Does this mean there will be no more DLC for Hyrule Warriors because it's thanking us like in past tense.


Does this have any significance at all?
A new possible DLC or patch - New character: "The Cucco"
Weapon Lv 2: Silver Cucco
Weapon Lv 3: Gold Cucco
The cuccos (plus gold and silver) are already in the game. I just guess this would be a funny thing and probably will never happen.
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Jun 15, 2010
The update and DLC are out. Here are the English update notes:

Five new medals:


Three new potions:



Of course, you really notice the improved load times as well.
Oct 14, 2013
The update and DLC are out.
I don't have to post my screenshots I just took of the potions and medals as already done above (beat me to it by a few minutes). Doesn't matter who shares the info as long as it's all shared. Thank you.
I will share info that you have not yet shared. That info is all about challenge mode. This whole new DLC is dedicated to it. I'll throw the info in a spoiler tag just so everyone is happy, but if you want feel free to read it, it'll be a long description.

Challenge mode is now split up into 3 parts.


1. Battle Challenge
2. Boss Challenge
3. Ganon's Fury

All 3 challenges areas will look roughly like this once accessed.


This example is the Battle Challenge but all 3 act in the same way. You start off with 1-2 challenges in each of the 3 parts. And you earn more challenges/stages in each of the 3 parts by beating the earlier challenges with good medals. I'm not sure what the new costume requirements are to obtain yet. On the right hand side of the screen is your stats sheet for every single challenge. You have a different sheet for each character on each challenge. And it records your best stats for each challenge with each character. Basically a "can you beat your personal best score" kind of thing.

The Battle Challenges are just like the Faron Woods one we've already had. You just do whatever tasks it assigns you and you win. There is not too much else to say here. Basic and fun.
The Boss Challenges are basically kill X number of enemies. How to make the hordes appear? You have to kill the crazy number of giant bosses. Each boss kill makes some hordes appear to kill. The Bosses do fight each other and trying to kill 3x Dodongos or whatever while all 3 are trying to attack you at once is pretty hard. Sure the number of KOs there looks like it's a lot within the time, but really you'll get those easy as. The hordes that appear are huge in number, closely packed and die fast. The challenge here is to kill 3 giant bosses with all 3 right next to each other and all of them attacking you at once without taking too much damage to lose the A Rank.

Ganon's fury is basically like the Battle Challenge, just do what it tells you to and you win. The catch is you play as Ganon. Here is the info about playing as Ganon you need to know.
  • He has his own special control layout. It's Warriors based. I don't see a way to change these controls to the Zelda style. A shame if you use the Zelda controller layout (as I do) but such is life I guess.
  • No co-op mode.
  • Ganon starts out at Lv1. And you level him up in the usual way. He's not a traditional character and does not appear in the Bazzar so you can't buy him levels.
  • As far as I know he has no weapons to equip.
  • His combos and special attack smash work like every other characters.
  • He has no focus spirit. Instead he starts off like a standard character. And when you beat a giant boss in a stage as Ganon you can then use that giant boss's ability (as Ganon would use it). As in all the Ganon attacks you have to use weapons to beat before you weak point him down in story mode. You get to use those attacks once earnt by beating the correct giant boss. You just swap through the different earnt attacks like other characters would items with the d-pad.
  • Ganon is huge compared to everything else. You don't have to wait for eternity for weak points to appear to kill giant bosses as you do every other character. Ganon can just combo them down with standard or whatever attacks he wants.
  • Ganon is relatively slow.
  • Ganon as far as I know has no badges so once we work out the max damage we can have for his levels to get the A Rank, more Ganon levels are only good for more damage. The extra heart pieces earnt from levelling up become worthless once you get more than Max A Rank damage.
  • When you beat the stage Ganon has no video sequence saying "yay I won" like every other character. It just goes to the results screen straight away.
  • Just like the other 2 modes, this mode records your progress so you can you beat your personal best score for each stage if you want to.
  • I am not sure if you can use potions on these stagers at all. Ganon has no in stage items. But not sure if you can use things like +XP or Rupee Festival in these stages. I don't think you can but I'm sure if you can someone will work it out.

Some trivia and my thoughts about the new DLC/patch
  • The thank you for playing, max level now and all medals medal make me think that this will be the last DLC for Hyrule Warriors ever. Sure the cucco at the end of the video makes the wonder but I guess it's just there to make us think or just have a laugh. I do wish it was a hint at more content but I think only a small chance of this.
  • The max level of 255 is a throw back to Zelda 1. In Zelda 1 your max number of rupees you could hold was 255. And 255 in hex is FF. So that value makes sense.
  • The three new potions look aimed at the new challenge modes (boss challenge specifically) and not helping us at all with the 4 challenge maps we already have and their really hard stages (well some are very very hard).
  • The new max level 255 will make the 4 adventure maps easier but does not fix the no favoured element making armour badges worthless issue.
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Jan 8, 2015
I think that i bugged the game :)

I was fighting in second level in Ganon's Fury, when I pushed Gohma trough closed gate and out of bounds. I couldn't finish the mission, because it was enemy that i needed to kill.

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