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Breath of the Wild [UNOFFICIAL POLL] Which Horse in BotW Makes the Best "Fake Epona?"

May 16, 2020
Since I'm pretty much sure that Nintendo will NEVER make Amiibo data official DLC, and I'll never be able to get the ones I want (seriously, I dont want the figure just the data), I decided when I first played the game that I'd just do without Epona. Thankfully, I later found that, just like there is a horse that can be best described as a "Fake Link's Horse," it is also possible to find a horse that closely resembles Epona (more specifically, from Twilight Princess) that can also have my preferred 4/4/5 stats (the only stats I want, with the exception of the Giant Horse, White Stallion, and a "junk" horse for the "Good-Sized Horse" side quest). Recently, I chanced upon a horse that also looks similar to Epona from the Amiibo, so I thought that I'd ask everyone here a question: Which one do YOU prefer?

This is all in good fun, and there are no wrong answers, just opinions.


I don't like using horses at all in BotW, I prefer to explore on foot, and that horses freak out on a lot of terrain that isn't a flat path.

That being said, I usually use the white stallion since its ancestor was set up as an important horse in the story.

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