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General Zelda Unnecessary Zelda Installments

Dec 9, 2012
I feel that Majora's Mask doesn't add much to the story at all. Almost none of the characters are brought back from the game, besides Tingle.


Dawn of the Final Day
Sep 16, 2011
Gerudo Valley
Oracle Games and Spirit Tracks. Both seemed essentially unimportant. The Oracle Games were just another shot at Ganon returning, and he was of course defeated. And Spirit Tracks was just not gripping at all.
Nov 25, 2012
Monkey Island
To be honest new Hyrule isn't important to the series as a whole! Its just basically the same Hyrule as we have ssen before, it serves the same purpose as past lands of Hyrule have before...Actually if anything it loses the charm and heritage that past Hyrule's have had, we all know that Hyrule as a rich and profound history dating back Millennia's! This Hyrule just doesn't feel as important and basically the whole story felt unimportant compared to ther games in the series.

ST and New Hyrule wouldn't be pointless if Nintendo extends upon it in future installments. We saw more technology in ST with the train, so perhaps New Hyrule will be more modern in the future. That could lead to a steampunk Hyrule (which I really want to see for whatever reason XD). Here's to hoping that Nintendo builds upon the New Hyrule idea.


I am a Person of Interest
Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
The only reason that would make a Zelda game unnecessary would be if it didn't contribute anything to the overall series plot. Basically the games without the Master Sword/Ganon. Like AoL, LA, OoX, MM, PH, and ST (not so much ST). But they were fun to play, I don't mind those games having their own sub-plots. However, the one game I would say totally screwed up with the plot is SS, and I would like it if that game's plot didn't count at all.

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