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General Art Two Stories Ready for Publishing (just Need Time and Perhaps Characters)


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Mar 22, 2012
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That was wonderful Gobli! This is why you are one of the writers I look up to ;) I can't wait to find out who the selected warriors are c:

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Aug 18, 2009
@Chilfo. Corrected those mistakes, thanks for the observation and the help. I will keep my eyes open for minor mistakes such as those.

And, Scars, thanx for reading. I am glad that you liked that bit. I will add more later on, probably not too much but parts that intend to lure you readers into the project. :P
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Aug 18, 2009

I really wasn't feeling like posting this because it gets everything started, but oh well, I finally agreed with myself to show you guys the prelude of this story. Chilfo helped me out prior to me posting this, so many mistakes have been corrected; so Kudos to her. Also, I decided to post a list of all the characters destined to appear in the story. I have also used the spoiler tags for that just in case you really don't wanna know how the cast looks.

Have fun with it as I myself am having fun writing the rest of this tale. Currently at chapter 4 and already :cry: a lot. :P

Oh, and thanx to all of you who have been reading these previews, if you've come to like them, then you will love the final product. :yes:


All names not submitted were created by me or submitted by relatives and friends. I at times forget stuff, so I may include others that I may have forgotten, but for now, this looks fine. :P

Dragir list:
Ao Primrose Wulion Primrose Badikus Primrose Sasu Primrose Magnifica Primrose Beluvia Primrose Radamanthys Primrose Ajenjo Shengol Pepik Zeledon Shawthia Gigas Aleika Jare Lazarus Ryu Vee Englehart Tyrus Sullivan Magatha Stargleam Lexi Xinn Aisling Kurtich Ddraigh Afon, Abigale O’connor Caithyln Lampica Myrokth Hiyhaltane

Human List:
Kybyryan Vandergem Saskia Zeeron Zordo Danascus Lance Flinn Tolken Hazel Essien Victor Zepol Ranike Sorward Alessandra Walsh Dillon Lotaga Ashie Kasicane Pandora Koeki Frista Lunapell Althea Angelides Sammy O'Hera Locke Cole Marine Sapphire Annabeth Sapphire Foxy Saiyane

Gods, Demons & other Baddies List:
Shadow (Wolfgang) Exan Verunius Anubis Demre Jzak Freiya Gretel Freiya Din Akera Evelina Brengle



Light and Dark. For unknown ages, these two powerful forces have been in a power struggle against each other for total domination of the world.

Light being represented by a beautiful maiden clad in a bright dress, and Dark, represented by a horrible figure clad in a dark outfit. These two powerful entities are what keeps the world spinning, life going on day by day, the universal cycle balanced and ever marching forward. They are the creators of everything: Light and Dark.

A disagreement between the two entities brought about the many problems to the world of Cephelafydes. Both Light and Dark had had a role to play in the creation of the universe, the many planets abundant with life, and the creation of humans and other species. That is why the two entities wanted to claim the world of Cephelafydes for his or her own, because it was gorgeous and filled with the most beautiful creatures. Cephelafydes was a big world, a paradise, the most beautiful planet to be created. The two entities could never reach an agreement on who was to claim that planet for his or her own, so they chose to compete for it.

“What do you want to do then?” Light had asked Dark. “How do you want this to go down? I will take you on in any form of competition that you can think of.”

Dark surprised Light by saying, “Our powers are too equal, sister. What say we bring creatures from other planets, put them in this humanly world, and have them go to war against each other?”

Light was surely shocked at the proposal, for within herself there had never lived the intention of bringing death to any of the planets that hosted life, much less to this paradisiac planet that she and Dark had created with the utmost care and effort.

“Could we leave the ‘war and death’ part out? We could create something down there, I don’t know what, a sphere of power, and we could hide it well. The creature who finds it wins, and if that happens to be my creature, then I win and the planet and everything in it becomes my property. If it is one of your creatures who finds it, then you win and call the planet yours.”

“Meh, too simple,” Dark had replied. “We need a little fun. Light, all we’ve made up to this point is good, but what good is it if we don’t put all our powers into use? Well what about death? I want to use that power too, you know? I know it would be unfair for those creatures that we have created, you know, disturbing their perfect world and ruining it with death and sorrow.

In the end, whenever you or I claim that planet, we can right the wrongs, mend the scars left by this little game of ours. So what say you?”

Light thought about it for a long while.

“Well, you did help me create all the universe and all these worlds,” she said. “It wouldn’t be fair to you if you didn’t come to use your power. I accept your challenge, brother. I accept this game of ours for the right to claim Cephelafydes; this master world that we saved for last. There are some conditions, though.”

“Any that you may have,” Dark had seemed content with Light’s response. Light would go on to let Dark know of these conditions.

A loud, maniacal laugh echoed all around the throne room, followed by a loud, dull crashing sound at the other end.

“What a load of crap!” the goddess shouted after having tossed the book away towards one of the side walls. “These Cephelafydian fools don’t know crap about ancient history, about how it all came to be. They offend my father and myself with such stupid, meaningless stories.”

Feeling a bit annoyed after what she had read, the goddess slid towards her large stone throne, for she had been reading the book while standing close to one of the windows of her large throne room, for there, she had also been staring outside of her temple at random intervals.

Her throne had been specifically designed by her servants to accommodate her lower form, for the goddess was something else other than human.

Medusa, as she was known as in Cephelafydes, was a goddess, yet one who currently was living under the effects of a terrible curse. The curse had been placed upon her by her own brother nearly two centuries ago. Medusa's once beautiful face had literally been transformed to represent the opposite of that: sheer ugliness. She was in a way very ugly, a monster, yet she had retained her beautiful emerald eyes. The beautiful reddish, silky hair that had once grown from her scalp had been replaced by menacing, two-foot long black serpents that not too often bit her face, delivering a form of tormenting pain to her. Her upper body from the waist up was that of a slender, busty woman. She had retained that from her true form, but from the waist down, the curse had given her the body of a serpent. That serpentine form was wide, of a dark color, and around fifteen feet in length, with diamond-like designs at the back.

Medusa wasn’t even the goddess’s real name. That name had been given to her by the earthlings nearly a century ago. Medusa’s real name was Jzak Freiya, but few were those who knew it, and those few resided elsewhere and even far from the reaches of this world. The name Medusa had stuck fast that even her servants came to know her as that. Jzak Freiya did not mind the name, rather had come to love it and had almost come to forget about her original name…almost. In a way, she knew that the name inspired fear amongst the races residing in the world, so she did not mind having it.

The Serpent Lady covered her torso with golden light-weight armor, and on her arms she wore a variety of golden and silver bracelets of assorted sizes. From her slender neck hung several amulets and necklaces, and she carried a few rings around her fingers as well. All of those were magical items, including the golden tiara which had three gems attached on the front and which she wore around her forehead. At her back hung one of two weapons that she had always carried with her. That one was a long magical crossbow that had the name of Telgaur, which in the god tongue meant “sure strike”.

Telgaur could fire magical bolts of diverse affinity. Depending on what mood Medusa found herself in, the bow could fire ice bolts, holy bolts, fire bolts, thunder bolts, poisonous bolts, exploding bolts, and even acid bolts. The other weapon was sheathed within a golden scabbard at her left hip, a magical sword of tremendous beauty and power. It was Medusa's favorite weapon and one that she had named Katzaleia, which in her god-like tongue meant “beauty aplenty”.

Medusa coiled her serpentine body on the stone floor as she removed her two weapons in order to be comfortable. She placed those on a nearby stone table to her right, then she relaxed completely against the cool, dark stone that rose at the back end of the throne, the goddess feeling her inner ire receding by the second. The sides on the back part of her throne had been carved to show two figures, one at each side. One was a winged maiden dressed in a silky dress who held out a sword, and the other was a fat, rising serpent with its mouth wide open and its tongue sticking out.

Medusa’s well-defined arms came to rest on the arms of the throne itself, and she stared straight ahead, her eyes coming to rest on the stone wall at the other end, a wall, which at her biding, had been worked to show similar winged maidens. Her whole temple depicted similar carved maidens, as well as other different beings.

“These Cephelafydian fools don’t know what’s coming,” she said, then Medusa stared at the ground of her temple, which was a mass of egg-white pavement. “And don’t think for just one second that I’ve forgotten about you, dear brother. Soon I will have my vengeance.”


Deep inside a dark, cavernous room that held a heavy sulfuric smell in the air, a menacing figure; who was sitting on a large golden throne; chuckled lightly. His eyes were glowing in a hot red hue, and he had the right side of his head reclined against his balled fist, as if he was bored.

Shadow is what he was known as in the underdark, the place underneath the surface world of Cephelafydes where he and his many demon servants had been confined to many years ago. He was supreme ruler of the demons and brother to the goddess Jzak Freiya, the deity who had just spoken above on the surface world. Her voice, being that of a divine being, had been heard loud and clear by the dark god as if his sister had been there within that dark place.

“And I will be having my own upon you,” he simply retorted and laughed sinisterly. Suddenly, he sprang forth from his throne, a malign, curvy smile drawn on his face and his left arm extended to the front, his hand glowing in a reddish, magical hue. Using his long index finger, he traced a circle in empty space in just the span of a second, fabricating a tear in the fabrics of time and space.


Medusa noticed how the empty space in front of her began bubbling. Before she could stir, though, her emerald eyes noticed a flaming circle appearing there, wounding the still air.

A monstrous dark hand with sharp nails came out from within that rupture, seeking to grab her. But Medusa was a deity, a goddess of tremendous power too. She chuckled, not amused at her brother’s demonstration of power. She knew that he was still trapped below the surface world and unable to use his full power on her, for a magical seal prevented him from doing so.

Medusa let the huge hand grab a hold of her torso completely. The hand began to squeeze her tightly, but the serpent lady’s emerald eyes had flared up, as if they had suddenly become nothing but two balls of fire. She stared down at the hand with those fiery eyes and this one began to turn to grayish stone immediately.


Down below the surface world, Shadow felt his right arm burning and becoming impossibly heavy. He had a good idea of what was going on, and he had been expecting it, too.

“Aughh!” Shadow had no choice but to withdraw his arm from within the flaming circle. When he stared at his arm, which was normal in size and not huge and creepy-looking as the one that his sister had laid eyes upon, it was half covered with grayish stone, including his hand.

Lord Shadow smiled arrogantly and hit the arm with his left hand, sending cracks running all over the stone. His sister’s power was strong, not even when he hit the stone a second and third time did this one break. The lord of the demons had had to continue hitting it, his fist using more than just sheer strength, he had used great magical power too.

The stone finally broke and fell to the ground after a good ten solid hits. The skin on his arm was smoking and it showed purple dark spots here and there, as if Shadow had been badly beaten with an iron tube. In front of him, the flaming circle was all but expiring, its magical power long drenched.

Shadow’s eyes narrowed in great anger, and he turned to regard the cavernous ceiling, as if he was directing his stare at his sister.

“You have but a few days left of peace,” he snarled. “Enjoy them while you can.”


Medusa laughed crazily after having heard his boastful words.

“I will be looking forward to your arrival, brother,” she replied, calming herself with every passing second. “When that time comes, we will see who comes out victorious.”

*End of Prelude*
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Chilfo Freeze

Emma Jean Stone
Oh gawd. It's even more beautiful when read in one full piece! Seriously, Gobli. Like I said to you before, it's pretty spectacular. I've got a great feel from the relationship between these two, and it's only the prologue! Magnificent. :D

My tedious-ness lets loose once again. A comma is needed between "loud" and "dull" in the first sentence of the transition into your story. :)

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Aug 18, 2009
@Chilfo I corrected that. Here and over here as well. :)

@Mikau The original two stories are about 18 chapters long together, + the Prelude and Epilogue, so around 20 or around that vicinity. This new one will be around the same length, probably a bit more but surely under 30 chapters. The thing is, some of the original chapters were short, and the new ones that I have written are humongous. :P Here is a link to the two old stories in case any of you feel like comparing them, or at least the beginning. Hey, don't blame me if you get sucked in and find yourself reading them. :P

Rise of the Dragir

Survival of the Fittest


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Aug 22, 2011
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Can I PLEASE sign up for a character or am I too late?

Name: Kima Hikara

Gender: Female

Position: Human Guild Leader (Wishes to be one of the main, but those are obviously taken... *Nawww...* If one is free then I would be happy, but if not it says there)


Likes: Pizza, Power, Being on own, Heavy Metal, danger.

Dislikes: Being looked down upon, brussel sprouts, boredom.

Weapon: Claws.

Voice: Chiemi Chiba (Voice Actor of Kyoko from Black Cat)

Personality: Will do anything for pizza, Quite bloodthirsty, loves shopping. VERY reckless. As in, Naruto reckless. Thinks of life as a video game, Loyal. Loudmouth.

Backstory: Living on the streets with amnesia, she knows nothing of her past. She wishes that soon she will be able to remember something.

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Aug 18, 2009
@Siniru Sure, but I already explained what I will not be using via Vm. Oh, and don't worry, your character will be considered a main character. ;)

Alright, I had plans to post chapter 2 in its entirety, but I chose not to do that, for if I did, I would have given you guys/gals a lot of the story. I guess I will just go ahead and post this update on how things are going for the first book.

--I'm at chapter 7, if you include the prelude. In truth, I finished chapter 6 a few days ago, but already moving to start chapter 7. I only have around 5 chapters to go to call ROTD finished. A lot of characters have been introduced so far, not gonna mention them all, but yes, the majority have appeared in a way. The new chapters are totally different from the old story, with only chapter 2 and 3 showing glimpses of what once was. They also are longer and hopefully better. :P

That's about it so far. I leave you guys with some quotes from the story, with the spoiler tags included in case you don't want to read them. You don't know what chapter they belong to, plus, they are not in order of appearance either. Once you read the whole thing, all these quotes will obviously make sense. :)

--“I don’t know what you’ve been hearing about me,” he said. “Er…if you have heard about me at all, that is. But this is not my specialty. Perhaps Sasu mentioned something of the sort to you?”

--“I was assigned a mission by our lovely Daelden,” he proceeded in a much serene tone. “A mission that is top secret. I cannot mention much about it to you all here, but you have to trust me when I tell you that it is of the utmost importance. It plays an important role in all this matter that I’ve told you about. Our Daelden believes that if we succeed in this mission, it can very well turn the tide in our favor from all angles. And so we will be venturing into human lands as soon as the morrow comes--”

--“I think it’s time that you learned your place,” she said as she allowed the magical window to close. “But not yet, because I’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

--“The Jyy?” Myrokth surely was rocked by having heard the confession. “Those damned traitors?”

--“Ao, go,” Sasu even pushed him away, but Ao froze his body and remained standing solidly. “I’ve already wasted precious time trying to convince you. We’ve come so far and you won’t be backing out on me, I won’t let you. I’ll bust out crying if you do.”

--“Ah, but one must do anything to prevail,” Myrokth remarked then. “Didn’t you tell me these very words long ago? Or have you forgotten already, dear cousin?”

--“Move aside,” Ddraigh went as far as to send Aisling stumbling to the side as he had pushed her out of the way. “Come on, birdpoop, let us do this.”

--“Excellent. And what is our casualty number so far?” asked the General, stroking his goatee in much satisfaction.

--“I know, a wasted opportunity,” Tyrus laughed, to what Ao shook his head but couldn’t stop laughing.

--“I’m sorry,” she apologized with watery eyes, but Ao was already shaking his head at her, for there was nothing for her to apologize for.

--“This is Vee Englehart,” Lazarus sounded proud and happy. “She’s an instructor over at the academy of magic. She will be my wife come September.”

--“A secret group within the northern armada is bent on killing the entire royal family. They are led by a powerful Chaka, one unknown to me at the moment.”


Jul 28, 2010
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:clap: :clap: I loved the chapter? I will now die of anxiousness waiting for them to be published. You are an amazing writer, and I love your style.

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